29 Spot-On Finds For Friends Who Can't Get Enough Tacos

Let’s not burrito round the bush. 

To show our appreciation for one of life’s ~finer~ foods, we’ve rounded up some of the best, weirdest and most-realistic taco gifts for your friends who would always rather be eating tacos.

Here are 29 gifts for the taco lover in your life:

This ridiculously adorable dino taco holder

This insanely life-like taco ring

This tortilla blanket to turn yourself into a human burrito

This hunger-inducing taco purse

This cute and simple taco phone case

This too-true tee

These insanely festive taco string lights

This uncomfortably realistic taco bow tie

These itty bitty little taco booties

This too-the-point taco piñata

This ~minimalist~ taco hat

This almost too-pretty-to-open taco gift wrap

Almost. Shop it here

This subtle yet tasty taco charm bracelets

This cute and handmade taco plushie

This basic and simple taco tee

This taco-themed dog collar

These too-real taco earrings

This all-occasions-appropriate taco button-down shirt

This festive taco garland

These adorable taco stickers

This accessories wrap that looks like a burrito

This super low-key taco and avocado skirt

These PJs that'll make you wanna taco 'bout it

This taco coin purse

This too-true water bottle

This adorable taco truck lunch bag

This furry taco plush

These ridiculous Gordita Crunch earring studs

These matching BFF sweatshirts


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