3 arrested in Singapore after scattering mysterious substance in front of religious centers

Last week, the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were called to investigate a strange incident at the Bible House on Armenian Street after unidentified white substance was found around the premises.

The next day, people were told to evacuate the nine-storey Catholic Centre building on Waterloo Street after a similar white substance was sprayed around its perimeter.

After the initial suspicion, it has been found that the substance outside the religious centers is harmless – and a curious mix of ash, salt and oil.

On top of that, police said in a statement on Monday that two men, aged 52 and 66, and a 63-year-old woman have been arrested for dumping said white substance at the premises.

The substance is believed to be ash from burnt newspapers, table salt and vegetable oil, and have been seized from the 52-year-old man.

According to staff members of the Catholic Centre, two cars approached their building on Waterloo Street at 2am on Jan. 17. A group alighted and started scattering a white substance and spraying an unidentified liquid around the building.

From ground inquiries, CCTV and police cameras, two men and nine women between the ages of 49 and 67 were identified as being involved in the incident. They are reportedly cooperating with the investigations. Out of the group, only three were arrested.

It is unclear what their motives were and police investigations into an offence of public nuisance are ongoing.

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