The 3 best TVs to watch the Super Bowl 2024 chosen by our expert reviewers

 Super Bowl TVs 2024.
Super Bowl TVs 2024.

With Super Bowl LVIII right around the corner, you may be staring at your TV, thinking, “I need something better than this.” Well, you’re in luck as we’ve picked three TVs that will make the Super Bowl a little bit more special and give you that big game feeling come to Super Bowl Sunday.

These three TVs are some of the best TVs you can buy and will suit every budget possible. If you’re looking for a TV for sport, there are several important factors to consider, including high brightness for daytime viewing, motion handling, and value for money (a bigger screen for less is always great, right?).

The three TVs we’ve chosen include a budget QLED TV with plenty of vibrant punch and two mini-LED sets that combine the dynamic color you’re looking for with high brightness to make easy work of any pesky screen reflections you may get when watching in a room with a lot of natural light.

We've also listed today's best Super Bowl TV deals around the web below, which include a wide range of displays on sale from retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Samsung.

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The best TVs for the Super Bowl 2024

Amazon Fire TV Omni
Amazon Fire TV Omni

1. Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED

When we tested the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED, it’s safe to say we were pleasantly surprised by it. Despite being a budget screen, its QLED picture is vivid, with punchy colors and textures. Its picture looks detailed with a natural quality, which will only add to the immersive experience of the Super Bowl when watching.

As for motion handling, the Omni QLED has a 60Hz panel, as opposed to a higher frame rate 120Hz panel. However, it still does a great job of handling fast-moving images, as we discovered watching the soaring jets of Top Gun: Maverick in our tests. Smoother motion handling will be ideal for all the passes and intense moments during the Super Bowl.

The Omni QLED also hits an all-important factor we mentioned above: value for money. It comes in sizes ranging from 43-inch all the way up to 75-inch (65-inch if you’re outside the US) at a budget-friendly price. To give you an idea, the 65-inch goes for as little as $799.99, and as a bonus, it’s frequently on sale.

Amazon’s Fire TV Omni QLED doesn’t have the brightest picture or best motion handling of the TVs we’ve chosen, but it does give you great performance across a range of sizes for a nice, cheap price. If you’re on a strict budget, the Omni QLED is a great choice for your Super Bowl experience.


2. TCL QM8 Series Mini-LED QLED TV

If you’re going to be watching the Super Bowl in a brightly lit room, there’s nothing worse than having the game obscured by glare and reflections coming from windows or overhead lights. This is where the TCL QM8 comes in. The QM8’s Mini-LED backlight tech allows for high peak brightness and more local dimming zones, meaning you get a brighter image whilst also getting more even contrast.

The TCL QM8 also comes with an anti-glare screen coating, making it even more adaptable to brighter viewing environments. How does the QM8’s picture look? The colors are rich, and it has particularly strong highlights. Black levels are deep, resulting in strong contrast, and motion handling is fantastic, with minimal amounts of judder shown during our tests thanks to its 120Hz panel.

The QM8 comes in larger sizes, starting from 65-inch and going all the way up to a giant 98-inch screen (on sale for $5,998 at Amazon) if you want to feel like you’re sitting in the crowd.

Overall, the features and performance you get on this TV for the price are second to none, with the 65-inch model selling for roughly $1,199, though it sees frequent reductions in price.

Not all is perfect with the TCL QM8, as we found that contrast and color do fade when viewing from an angle, but overall, this feature-packed TV is a no-brainer if you can stretch your budget.

Samsung QLED TV
Samsung QLED TV

3. Samsung QN90C Neo QLED TV

While the TCL QM8 is an amazing value mini-LED TV, if you want a more premium experience, you should instead opt for the Samsung QN90C. One of Samsung’s high-end mini-LED models, the QN90C comes with an anti-glare coating like the TCL QM8, and its high brightness levels make it ideal for viewing any daytime sport.

You will pay more for the Samsung QN90C as a premium model. The 65-inch version retails for roughly $1,599.99, which is a step up from the TCL QM8. But what are you getting for that extra money? For starters, we noted during testing that the QN90C retains its contrast and color even when viewed at an angle, making it an ideal choice if you’re planning to host a big group for the Super Bowl.

We also found motion handling on the QN90C to be superb, with almost no need to activate its plethora of judder and blur reduction settings. Picture quality is generally fantastic on the QN90C, with excellent picture detail and a dynamic visual punch.

The QN90C comes in the largest array of sizes of these three TVs, ranging from 43-inch all the way up to 85-inch - all with a mini-LED panel and anti-glare coating. If you have a bigger budget and want a premium TV for the Super Bowl, the QN90C is a top choice.

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