3 content marketing techniques that can give your brand a big boost, and it is more cost-efficient than traditional marketing


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started with an excellent content marketing strategy

Content marketing costs 62 per cent less than traditional marketing, and at the same time, it generates 3x more leads.

content marketing cost

As much as 60 per cent of consumers purchase a product after reading content about it.

Do you still think promoting your startup is expensive or challenging?

Trust me, it is not.


Businesses that blog are 13x more likely to achieve positive ROI. Companies that blog 16 times a month receive 3.5x more traffic than companies that post 4 or fewer blog posts a month.

blogging traffic stats

The first step, therefore, is to create a blog for your startup and start publishing at least four blog posts a week to get traffic and to generate quality leads.

There are several inspiring case studies. For instance, Mathew Woodward grew his blog to top 100 blogs in as low as 12 months. eBestsPicks increased its organic traffic by 109 per cent by publishing a blog post every single day. OptinMonster blog gets 600K+ visitors a month.


Let’s start blogging.

  1. Publish new and unique content on your blog at least 4 times a week.
  2. Use Skyscraper technique when creating new articles.
  3. Write evergreen content.
  4. Share your content on social networks, use hashtags, connect with the industry leaders, and recommend your best content to influencers.
  5. Repurpose content to reach new audience.
  6. Promote every single blog post. Publish and pray technique won’t work. You’ve to show your content to the right people who will link to it and will share it.

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According to a survey of 300 US enterprise companies, infographics is the second most effective content format as reported by 17 per cent of the respondents.

most effective content format

Visual content is the future of the content. Infographics are great at delivering value, generating backlinks, and generating buzz on social networks.

Perrin used a single infographic to increase the organic traffic of his pet blog ChewieSays by 963 per cent. Complete Web Resources generated 25,000 new visits in 10 days, over 3,000 engagement on Facebook, and 245 tweets from a single infographic.

You should never ignore infographics for your startup. It will hardly cost US$500 to create a killer infographic and it can generate heaps of traffic, natural backlinks, social engagement, and might turn the tables.

Follow these steps to create an infographic that will boost traffic, acquire backlinks, and will generate leads.

  1. Research an infographic idea. Use BuzzSumo to find relevant ideas that people are already sharing on social networks.
  2. Do something better than what is already out there. Add more value with your infographic.
  3. Find resources and data to include in the infographic.
  4. Hire someone on Fiverr or use Visually to create your own infographic.
  5. Post it on your blog with an embed code to make it easy to share.
  6. Find bloggers, webmasters, and influencers who write about the topic of your infographic.
  7. Reach out to them and show them your infographic.
  8. Request them to share it and repost it on their blog.
  9. Promote it on social networks.

Social media

There are more than two billion social media users worldwide and the number is growing every minute. Social media is your startup’s best friend.

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It helps you increase brand awareness, generate leads, increase traffic, and share your awesome content.

Use social media networks as content tools. Post content regularly to keep your audience engaged and to reach more eyeballs.

You don’t have to post on social networks when you publish a new blog post instead, post regularly to keep your audience engaged. Reverie Farms has only published three blog posts so far but it publishes a new post on its Facebook page every day.

Taco Bell interacted with influencers on Twitter who had over 10,000 followers. A few conversations with such influencers helped them reach 600,000 followers and garnered 3,000 retweets.

The right use of social media to post valuable content can help your startup reach a whole new level.

  1. Create unique content for social networks and post it.
  2. A better approach is to share important parts from your blog posts. Divide your blog post into several small parts and post them.
  3. Engage with influencers and other brands.
  4. Focus on the quality of the content you’re posting. High-quality content will get you more shares and followers.

Blogging and infographics cost you money. You need professionals to create blog posts and infographics. Posting on social networking sites is free. You can do it in-house.

Let’s start with what’s free and doesn’t cost a penny, and move from there.


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