3 e-scooter riders to be charged for causing hurt to pedestrians

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    Congrats, you lucky 3. Hope you get your free food and lodging.
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    We need harsher penalities or regulations. It is out of hand.
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    black magic
    The only way to solve this dangerous powered personal mobility device is by banning it.
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    Make them to buy 3rd party insurance
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    Now then ACt
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    Good job. These scooters should be sold only to those with mobility problems. Less accidents with illegally modified scooters, healthier nation, win the fight against diabetes.
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    Only seniors above 60 years old, and those with mobility issues should be allowed to have PMD.
    Those below 60 years old should need a doctor certification that they need a PMD (temporarily), like those with fractured legs, or for some medical condition that make them too weak to walk.
    The youngsters use these PMDs as a super toy to be enjoyed rather than for mobility.
    They can use kick scooters and pedal bicycles should they want basic mobility. Its good exercise for them.
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    Ban e-scooters from the road. They put themselves and others in danger.
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    Richard quek
    jail n fine is a must to deter
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    Eradicate those road nuisance altogether.