3 killed in sports car-taxi crash in China

Another fatal sports car-taxi crash in the wee hours of a morning has claimed three lives, this time in China, Shenzhen.

The driver behind the Nissan GT-R fled the scene after slamming into two taxis, one of which burst into flames after the impact of the high-speed crash sent it hitting a tree. The taxi driver and two passengers were killed instantly.

The accident, which has since attracted nationwide attention, happened on Beach Boulevard near the city’s downtown at about 3am on 26 May, reported Shenzhen traffic police in its microblog on weibo.

The reportedly intoxicated driver was said to be speeding at no less than 180km/h when he tried to overtake the two cabs.

The GT-R driver and his three female passengers, the other taxi driver and his passenger were said to have escaped with minor injuries.

The speeding driver, surnamed Hou, turned himself in to the police later that morning. Even after police confirmation that Hou was the driver responsible for the crash; speculation remains rife that he might not be the one behind the wheel at the accident but a fall guy willing to take the blame.

Shenzhen traffic police also said that there are no cameras in the area where the crash happened.

In many ways the China accident is similar to the deadly Ferrari-taxi crash that took place in Singapore three weeks ago. That pre-dawn incident involved a Ferrari and another two vehicles – a cab and a motorbike – and saw three people die afterwards. The Ferrari driver was killed on the spot while the taxi driver and his passenger both later died in hospital.