3 Ways on How Rain can Damage your Car’s Paint

How often do you wash your car during the rainy season? Chances are you wash your car less because you’re always anticipating that it will rain–thinking that the rain water will be enough to clean your car.

However, that’s not the smartest thing to do if you want to preserve and take care of your car’s paint. In fact, you’re doing the opposite as rain can damage your car’s exterior. Here are three ways on how rain can damage your car’s paint.

1. Rain water collects pollutants

Water evaporates as vapor into the air. Then, water vapor condenses into clusters of droplets, which is otherwise known as raindrops. As raindrops fall, it collects pollutants and contaminants from the air which creates acid rain. Acid rain can cause damage to your car’s paint once it has dried up. This will lessen your car’s lustrous or shiny exterior finish because acid rain produces rain marks or water marks.

2. Rain water evaporates

Rain water evaporates and leaves a layer of pollutants that damages your car’s paint. This is similar to what acid rain can do to your car because as said earlier, rain water collects pollutants. As such, you need to wash your car after the rain in order to minimize the harmful effects it can bring to your car’s paint. Yes, you might not see the effect of rain water right away, but if you don’t wash your car after the rain, then you’re already destroying your car’s paint slowly.

3. Rain water doesn’t mean free car wash

Some car owners tend to celebrate when it rains because they think that their cars are getting a free car wash. However, this practice will just make your car dirtier as dirt and grime would further accumulate. Rain water does not have enough pressure to wash off the dirt on your car. What’s the best thing to do, then? Well, the best thing to do is to wash your car as much as possible after it rains. By washing your car after the rain, you’ll be able to remove or wash away the dirt caused by the rain. Moreover, dirt and grime will not accumulate, which can harm your car’s shiny exterior finish.

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