30 Absolutely Brilliant Wedding Ideas. I've seen good ideas before but these are Unforgettable


30 Amazing Ideas For Your Wedding


Weddings are the time to rejoice as two families come together as one. The only feelings in the air are happiness, excitement and most importantly, love. It's the day the bride has been looking forward to all her life and the day the groom becomes a real man. Everything needs to be perfect. 

But just because things have to be perfect doesn't mean it has to be normal or boring. It's a good time to bust out your creativity to help make your day a memorable one.

And that is why we've compiled 30 unique and cool ideas that you can use when you're planning your wedding. If you're going to be spending a fortune on your wedding, you might as well make the best of it and have it stand out. If done well, people will be talking for years about how awesome your special day was.

Whether you're getting married tomorrow or in 10 years, this list will be a lifesaver. 


Wedding Guest Book Alternatives


1. Guest Box Instead of Guest Book



My friends have told me that I can get quite demanding but seriously, if I don't have this at my wedding, I might bawl. This is such a cool thing to have! Instead of having your guests write their well-wishes, you can ask them to record a video of them saying it instead. I think it's much more sincere and especially fun for both the guests and the couple. 

2. Guest Book Tree



Ask your guests to write their well-wishes on a piece of paper and tie them to the branches of a potted plant using a ribbon. Not only is it cute, you now have your first piece of furniture for your future house!

3. Polaroid Guest Book



I am a big fan of Polaroid or instant pictures and I thought this was really adorable! Technically, it is still a guest book but you can add a personal touch by asking your guests to take a picture of themselves and pasting it next to their message!

10 years down the road, you can look back and laugh at all the awkward pictures of your loved ones. 

4. Advice Coasters



If you're not into guest books and want something even more unique, you can hand out these advice coasters for your guests! You and your spouse can go through all the advice at the end of your wedding day and muse over the things that your guests have written.

I think this is a lovely idea and it's definitely something I would keep in mind for the future. 

5. Wedding Wishes Box



This has the same concept as the guest book tree but instead of using a potted plant, you use a box with honeycomb-shape rings in it to store all the well-wishes. It's compact and creative, perfect if you want to keep them from getting dusty before your 20th anniversary!

6. Guest Keys



This is also another great alternative to the usual guest book. It makes for a pretty house decoration too! Guests would write their well wishes on a tag that's attached to a key and hang it on a faux tree trunk. If you can't find a faux tree trunk, a cork board or any other nice surfaces would do. This would definitely make your reception an outstanding one.

7. Chalkboard



You can hardly find chalkboards in local schools these days but I honestly think they're one of the greatest toys yet. Yes, I said toy because you can actually have so much fun writing on them.

They have such an old-school feel to them, whenever I see one, I can never resist picking up a chalk and just doodling all over it. So can you imagine a wedding with a chalkboard as a guest book? Everyone's going to have so much fun! 

8. Chalkboard + Photobooth



If you're not into a large scale chalkboard then, why not combine it with photobooth! Many weddings these days have a photobooth corner where guests can take pictures with props and come up with kickass pictures.

Guests can take pictures with their message written on mini chalkboards for you and your spouse to have a good laugh over at the end of the day! 

9. Jenga



If you can't think of any post-wedding dinner games to play, then ask your guests to write your wishes on jenga blocks. That way you can read all the messages and have loads of fun. It's a pretty unconventional thing to have but it's still cool. 

10. Mad Lib Guest Book



I love these mad lib guest responses! They're super fun to complete and you would have a great time reading all the responses! Display all of them at your wedding so other people can have a laugh too!


Cool Wedding Decorations


11. Fun Facts for Tables



Leave some fun facts about the bride and groom on each table so guests can get to know you better. There's probably some quirky little secrets that no one knows about! It's personal and creative, a perfect addition to your centrepiece. 

12. Frames for Photo-taking



Your guests need an insta-worthy picture to post so what better way to help them than to hang up frames that they can use as props! Everyone's going to rush for them straight away. I mean, I would so run to them even if I'm wearing heels. I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

13. DIY Paper Lanterns



If you're into Do-It-Yourself stuff, then why not make lots of DIY lanterns for your wedding! They look so gorgeous, they're definitely going to stand out at your wedding. It also helps you save on all those expensive decorations. But, you'll need lots of time and patience to come up with them though it'll all be worth it in the end.  

14. Signboard



C'mon, admit it. You refresh your Instagram feed every 10 minutes even if there's no new picture. Instagram is slowly taking over Facebook and I assure you, this would be a great addition to your wedding. By asking your guests to use a specific hashtag, you can track all pictures taken at your wedding and have a blast going through it in future. 

15. Big Balloons



The only thing that's better than helium balloons is BIG helium balloons! Decorate your wedding venue with huge balloons in different pastel colours. At the end of the day, release all of them into the sky. But not before you write all your wishes down on the balloons! It's definitely a must-have at every wedding.

16. Ribbons and Fairy Lights



Add a whimsical touch to your wedding by decorating your venue with ribbons and fairy lights! This would look so pretty especially if your wedding is indoors. I personally love the idea of having fairy lights, they make everything seem so much more magical. 

17. Hanging Lanterns



For your wedding dinner, why not add a romantic touch to it by hanging lanterns everywhere. This would be a beautiful addition to your wedding dinner especially if it's outdoors. I am absolutely loving this idea and I can't wait to add it to my future wedding planner. 

18. Ribbon Chair



Liven up the mood at your wedding by adding rainbow streamers to the chairs! When the wind blows, the scene would be spectacular. Of course you could have any other coloured streamers according to your wedding theme but a rainbow theme certainly exudes a sense of joy in everyone. 

19. Creative Centrepiece



If you're not into the typical centrepieces that most weddings have, then why not opt for this beautiful arrangement instead! This ethereal floral runner dotted with moss and mushroom is super gorgeous and is certainly unique for your wedding. 

20. Upside Down Umbrellas



Show off your quirky side by using umbrellas to decorate your venue! Hang different umbrellas with pretty designs upside down and you'll have a lovely piece of decoration. Now you know umbrellas are not only useful for when it rains, they're also amazing pieces of decor. 


Other Wedding Ideas


21. Outdoor Wedding Picnic



When I saw this picture, I couldn't contain my excitement. I love picnics and I think I would love to have this at my future wedding. If you're having an outdoor wedding, this would be an awesome alternative to the usual tables. It's fun and definitely not ordinary, your guests are pretty much going to have the best time of their lives at your wedding picnic. 

22. Bathroom Essentials


If you've ever found yourself wishing that a bottle of hairspray would magically appear at a wedding because your hair is so flat or for a packet of mints to appear before you because that cute guy is about to talk to you then you would think this is a genius idea. 

Be a dear and have all these available at your wedding so your guests can keep fresh and pamper themselves for the rest of the day.

23. Polaroid Wall



This is very similar to the Polaroid guest book. The only thing that's different is that you hang the pictures up instead of sticking them inside a book. The best thing about this is that once the wedding is over, you can just bring the pictures home and use them as a form of decoration. 

24. Kids Table



Hey, don't forget about the kids! Back when I was still young and innocent, I didn't enjoy weddings because it's all grown up talks and stuff I didn't understand. If every wedding had a Kids Table full of arts and craft to do, I would have enjoyed weddings even more.

Plus, parents don't have to keep chasing after their kids if they know that their children are safe at the Kids Table. 

25. Personalized Cups



What better way to let your guests know that you love and appreciate every single one of them by giving them their own personalized cups which they can keep! Their seat number comes with the cup so at least they know that even if there are 1000 other guests, you still appreciate their presence. 

26. Pie Station



The glutton in me is screaming, "Let me out! Let me out!" A pie station at a wedding is such an amazing alternative to the typical dessert bar. You can have a variety of cakes or pies for guests to choose from, displayed in a very cute manner. 

Beware of people like me who might hog the whole station and eat all the pies...nomnomnom!

27. Sealing Love Letters



At your wedding, seal all the love letters that you've sent to each other in a time capsule so you can open it on your 30th wedding anniversary. You can also seal other treasured items inside and bury the box in your backyard. If you don't have a backyard then simply store it safe in your cupboard. 

It's a very endearing activity and will remind you of your love for one another. 

28. Team Bride or Groom Badges



Wearing these badges isn't about picking sides. After all, on your wedding day, two families become one, there is no side! However, it would be fun to know why the other person's there or how they got to know the bride and groom. It's a great conversation starter and will bond your guests even more. 

29. Wedit



Wedit is an enjoyable and easy way for you to capture, view and share your wedding memories. A few days before your wedding they'll send you 5 HD cameras for you and your guests to record every single moment. You can then send it back to them so they can edit all the footage and make a mini movie out of it. 

Unfortunately, it's only available in the U.S but if there's any local company that does this too, please let me know. I need this. 

30. Bubbles In A Tin



You are never too old for bubbles. Trust me. Set aside for some bubble time and have contests for who can blow the biggest bubble! Your guests are going to have a great time and it makes for a memorable memory. 


Have more wedding ideas to add?


I can't wait to add all these to my wedding planner in future. If you have more unique wedding ideas to share, leave them in the comments below! 

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