33 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids Who Use Wheelchairs

Caroline Bologna

Halloween presents the opportunity for children to nurture their creativity with fun, imaginative costumes. Many kids who use wheelchairs tend to get extra creative around this time of year. 

We asked parents of kids in wheelchairs in the HuffPost Parents Facebook community if their children had ever incorporated their chairs into their Halloween costumes. In response to our callout, we received dozens of amazing photos. Without further ado, here are 33 awesome costumes that incorporate kids’ wheelchairs. 

1 Thomas The Tank Engine Conductor

(Nikki Kuculyn)

2 Jurassic Park

(Chelsey Ulibarri)

3 Farmer

(Becky Kimble Bailey)

4 Lieutenant Dan

(Pamela Mattson)

5 Carl Fredricksen

(Becky Kimble Bailey)

6 Dean Winchester In The Impala

(Melissa Smith Enfusse)

7 Mouse In Trap

(Amye Marquis)

8 Fred Flintstone

(Cindy Rands Larson)

9 Dracula

10 Wrestler in Ring

(Paula Bowen)

11 Mario In His Kart

(Cassie McLelland)

12 Rock Dinosaurs

(Becky Kimble Bailey)

13 R2-D2

(Teresa Smock)

14 Pilot

(Julia Sawer)

15 Construction Worker

(Melissa Schlemmer)

16 Aladdin On His Magic Carpet

(Amber Ardic)

17 Batman

(Blake Shaffer)

18 Presidential Candidate

(Blake Shaffer)

19 Minecraft

(Cassie McLelland)

20 Santa Claus

(Becky Kimble Bailey)

21 Mad Hatter

(Amber Ardic)

22 Superman Flying Through The Sky

(Cassie McLelland)

23 Soldier

(Becky Kimble Bailey)

24 Star Wars Characters

(Kate Hamilton)

25 Kissing Booth Worker

(Blake Shaffer)

26 Kratt Brother Driving The Createrra

(Cassie McLelland)

27 Roman Centurian

(Becky Kimble Bailey)

28 Pirate

(Sarah Eli Thornton)

29 Firefighter

30 Pikachu

31 Barn Animal

(Kristi Hales)

32 Spider

(Tracy Barker Misner)

33 Dry Bones In His Kart

(Cassie McLelland)
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