Short film: Swiping right at the Indo-Pak border

Amidst the vitriolic rhetoric over India-Pakistan ties, comes a breath of fresh air that seeks to repose faith in humanity and how alike the people of the two nations are when joined by love.

A new digital short by Arré and Teeli, rose to the occasion of India’s Independence Day with a millennial meet-cute and the undying urge to highlight the pointlessness of dividing two neighbouring countries only because of a territorial border.

Co-written, co-directed, and co-shot by two teams in India and Pakistan, ‘Matched!’ follows twenty-somethings Sameer and Maya, who happen to swipe right on each other in the middle of an India vs Pakistan cricket match.

What ensues is a budding romance that sees both of them bond over ‘Lagaan’ and Fawad Khan before realising that their lives, likes, dislikes, and parental pressures may not be that different from each other.

At a time when relations between India and Pakistan have been mired in controversy, ‘Matched!’ gives viewers (of both the countries) a hope, if not the promise of love that will one day conquer all boundaries.

Sharan Saikumar, Creative Director Arré, says,  “‘Matched!’ is a product of the digital age. It suggests that even though our countries and politics may falter, as people we can always be true.”