The Internet Is Fully Obsessed With "Boomer Complaints," And Here Are 38 Of The Absolute Best Ones

Welcome to round two of "boomer complaints!"

An elderly woman, a young man, and an elderly man sit on a couch, smiling while looking at a laptop. They all hold white mugs
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Over the past week, the internet has become completely obsessed with them, so here's another collection of "boomer complaints" that most people actually agree with.

1. "Mega-sized" paper towels and toilet paper rolls are annoying because they don't fit the toilet paper holder.

Twitter: @ChelseaH____

2. Household appliances don't need bluetooth.

Twitter: @alaskanime

3. Bring back movie stubs.

Twitter: @heihachimachi

4. People should stop filming entire concerts.

Twitter: @4nonymoos

5. Concerts should start at the time it says on the ticket.


6. Songs should be longer than 2 minutes.

Twitter: @jjanelleseaa

7. Stop showing the entire movie in the trailer.

Twitter: @JayOfTheDeadMF

8. Gift cards should never expire.

Twitter: @DemiCaruso

9. Dogs should be on leashes.

Twitter: @beccalunch

10. New devices should come with the cord AND plug for charging.

Twitter: @Ziggy_Princess_

11. Loud cars and motorcycles should be banned.

Twitter: @JamieSBoyle

12. There are too many dang paywalls.

Twitter: @2s3xy4yew

13. Everything doesn't need to be in 4K.

Twitter: @MorganJerkins

14. You shouldn't be able to record strangers in public places.

Twitter: @GirlNamedMarley

15. People need to stop talking in movie theaters.

Twitter: @alamodrafthouse

16. Babies don't need tablets.

Twitter: @ChantelleJ___

17. We need more representatives, not robots.

Twitter: @kirawontmiss

18. Restaurants are too loud.

Twitter: @alex_abads

19. Wireless headphones are bad.

Twitter: @LazlosGhost

20. There's too much tipping.

Twitter: @UAlreadyNoelia

21. You shouldn't have to download an app for digital coupons.

Twitter: @Idance2techno

22. Motion censor sinks are the worst.

Twitter: @EnragedHowl

23. Fireworks are bad.

Twitter: @JustBrittRenee

24. The fact that computers don't have any ports anymore.

Twitter: @UzuKanYouFeelIt

25. Open office plans are the worst.

Twitter: @super_mairio

26. Phone books were a good thing.

Twitter: @PRGauthier13

27. When you have to online check-in at a doctor's office and then have to fill out the same paperwork when you arrive.

Twitter: @midnaaaaaaa

28. Kids shouldn't have a phone before age 14.

Twitter: @YouungZee

29. People should look each other in the eyes when they shake hands.

Twitter: @adamjmoussa

30. Not everything should be paperless.

Twitter: @rckyryalty

31. Airplane bathrooms are too small.

Twitter: @TiffieStarchild

32. Search bars with AI features are confusing.

Twitter: @xJorelio

33. You shouldn't have to download an app to pay for parking.

Twitter: @molly_thal

34. Businesses should have a website, not a Facebook page.

Twitter: @aneerbas

35. TV seasons are too short.

Twitter: @dweeeebles

36. Movies are too long.

Twitter: @agnesnutter

37. You shouldn't have to sign up for an account to look at a website.

Twitter: @c__rina

38. And lastly, stop changing the layout of the grocery store!!!

Twitter: @UofAgrad97