3rd anniversary of MH370's disappearance: Families set up fund

Farezza Hanum Rashid

KUALA LUMPUR: Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai welcomed the setting-up of a private fund by the next-of-kin of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 victims.

Family members of the flight which disappeared on March 8, 2014, are working for the resumption of the search by an international group of experts through a privately-funded initiative.

"Everybody can come and help.

"Everybody has their own way of helping and we will definitely bring this up with the respective governments, like Australia and China," Liow said at an MH370 remembrance day event organised by Voice370 today.

The Transport Minister said he has had good dialogues with family members who have come up with good proposals.

On whether Putrajaya will contribute to this fund, Liow said it will be discussed.

Wednesday will mark the third anniversary of flight MH370's disappearance.

On Jan 17 this year, the search for the aircraft was officially suspended. However, Malaysia has memorandums of understanding with African nations along the Indian Ocean to help recover any possible debris that washes up on their shores.

"I reiterate that the government will always stand with you.

"Teams of experts are currently analysing all data and debris to find credible new information," Liow said in his speech at the event.

Last month, two more pieces of debris, suspected to be from flight MH370, were found.

Liow said further details will be released at a later date, adding that at this point, 25 pieces of wreckage, confirmed to be from flight MH370, have been collected.