Get into "3x Trouble"!

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Get into "3x Trouble"!

Our Chinese elders have been advising younger generations on the importance of being an honest and down-to-earth person when it comes to earning money for a living. In fact, forget about the Chinese elderly, but in life, committing illegal acts will not bring any good to us and they could ruin our entire lives. This is what the dark comedy "3X Trouble" emphasized on as Rynn Lim, Dai Yang Tian, Jack Lim and Andrew Tan play characters whose paths converge when the first three choose to commit a heinous crime in order to protect their livelihood. Think you are having financial problems? You have not seen anything yet until you learn about the characters of "3x Trouble"!

Cinema Online had an interview with Rynn Lim, Dai Yang Tian, Jack Lim and Andrew Tan at Pavilion KL Platinum Room, Kuala Lumpur.

Q: Rynn, why this movie and how did you prepare for your role?
Rynn: Well, I found the idea of the movie to be very fresh among Malaysian productions and me as well, seeing as it is my first movie. So I decided to take it. When I first got the script, I was thrilled with my character as I was to play a father who messed up his marriage but held great responsibility towards protecting his son. I never had such experience in my life so I needed to observe my married friends who are parents, just to get myself inspired for the role.

Q: Since you are acting as a father in "3X Trouble", do you have any plans to start a family soon?
Rynn: I do. I have always been looking forward to have a family of my own. But I'm still waiting to meet the right person.

Q: Andrew, can you tell us something about your experience on playing a cold-blooded killer and the action scenes in the movie?
Tan: First of all, I have to admit that I was a little bit afraid to act. As a singer, I am very confident with singing performances but acting is very difficult for me. I have to thank director Yau for encouraging me to play the killer. This role had given me the courage to develop my movie career in the future. As for the action scenes, I remember there was a scene which I have to chase Rynn in the crowd while wearing a big black jacket. When I was chasing him, both of us have to act like we are real robbers, just to make it look more realistic in the eyes of the audience. That particular scene had taken us one whole day to finish it.

Q: Jack, what was the biggest challenge you faced during the shooting?
Jack: I first thought that acting in front of the public at the night market was the most challenging scene in "3x Trouble", but I realize the most challenging part was kissing Landy Wen [Laugh].

Q: What were you thinking when you realized that you were going to work with Yang Tian and Rynn?
Jack: When I read the script, it was very hard for me to imagine such a polite man like Rynn must act as a hawker who sells lingerie and I couldn't wait to see how he portrayed his rude character. Whereas for Yang Tian, I wasn't very aware how popular he was in Singapore until I decided to check out his Facebook page. After that, I went for a haircut to make myself more stylish! However, my effort was still of no use when I finally met him in person on set. He was just too charming!

Q: Yang Tian, this is your first time in shooting a film in Malaysia. What experiences have you gained from filming the comedy?
Yang Tian: I definitely had a great time in Malaysia for starters. The thing that I gained the most from the movie was learning to curse others [Laugh]. Jack and Rynn's characters always have to say bad words along the story. I have to listen to those words every time during the filming process. I also learnt to speak and familiarize myself with the Cantonese dialect from Malaysian actors and director Patrick Yau as well.

Q: Why do you think the moviegoers should buy a ticket for "3x Trouble", Yang Tian?
Yang Tian: In my opinion, parents and teenagers should watch this film together as this story will give you an important lesson on the consequences of making the wrong choices in life. Parents should use the story to educate their children in learning to be a down-to-earth person.

Q: Thank you for your time! Have a nice day!
All: Thank you!