4,800 studio apartments under 1Msia Transit Home programme to take hold in Batu, KL


PUTRAJAYA: A total of 4,800 studio apartments under the 1Malaysia Transit Home programme for youths, including young newlyweds, will be built on a piece of government-owned land in Batu, Kuala Lumpur starting July.

Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar said, in the first phase of the project, a one-bedroom and two bedroom concept units, each measuring between 400 to 650-square-feet, will be built for youths who have trouble owning or renting a place in the city.

“With facilities comparable to most luxury condominiums and apartments in the city, we hope to provide modern and comfortable accommodations with affordable rent.

“We will make sure that rent paid will be at least 20 per cent lower than houses of the same kind in the same area," he told reporters after the ministry's monthly assembly today.

Noh, however, said this facility by the government could be enjoyed for a period of five years, after which tenants must leave to give away for other youths who are in search of a place to stay.

“Through this project, we will also be introducing the 'rent while saving' concept where while renting, tenants would also be saving funds to buy affordable homes.

“The rental for these homes will be at least RM800, where only RM500 is paid as rental while the remaining RM300 will be saved on their behalf. Therefore by end of five years, we will handover their savings of at least RM18,000 to be used as deposit for a new home,” he added.

Noh said the ministry is in talks with Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and Public Private Partnership Unit (UKAS) to fine tune details of the project.

He said the government, through the ministry, projects to build a total of 10 units of houses in three years time.

For the second phase, the ministry is currently identifying two possible project sites in Kuala Lumpur, he added.