4 Little-Known Floating Towns & Cities In The World

Denise Bay

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Whether or not you are a well-heeled resident in Singapore, you would have seen pictures, watched documentaries and heard of Dubai's monstrous, iconic World Islands and Palm Islands even if you haven't stepped foot on Dubai's soil.

While floating towns and cities are exotic-sounding in their own right, we at GET.com have gathered 4 little-known buoyant cities and towns that float on water that you probably never heard of before. These surely sound good enough for an off-the-beaten-track type of adventure around the world.

4 Little-Known Floating Towns & Cities In The World

1. Uros Floating Village, Peru

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The image above isn't some exotic movie set. In fact, the floating village that is constructed from dried totora reeds, is home to the Uros people of Lake Titicaca. If you are interested in touring the Peruvian floating village, make sure to book a private tour that comes with a great tour guide. The matriarchal system there coupled with the way of life of the Uros people will have you appreciating such unique tours more so than ever.

2. Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia

Image source: thestar.com

Want to visit a place that's more crowded than sunny Singapore but way cooler, with postcard-perfect views? Enter Santa Cruz del Islote. This puny Caribbean outpost located just off the coast of Colombia should tickle your fancy, although I doubt you'll want to stay there for too long due to the lack of basic amenities.

Also, here's an interesting nugget of information you can show off to your friends and family: Surrounded by the gorgeous Caribbean sea, Santa Cruz del Islote is the world's most densely populated island!

3. Ganvie, Benin

Image source: flickr.com/photos/mndigital/421850708/

For an incredibly off-the-beaten-track holiday experience that involves commuting almost exclusively by canoes and seeing others' stilt-support dwellings, make a trip to Ganvie in Cotonou, Benin, West Africa.

Here's where you will find the biggest lake-village in Africa that houses a population of around 20,000 people. Besides tourism, Ganvie's key industries are, not surprisingly, fish farming and fishing. Also, an alternative name that Ganvie goes by is the ‘Venice of Africa'. How apt.

4. French Polynesia's New Floating Island

Image source: The Seasteading Institute

French Polynesia's incredibly futuristic new floating island in the South Pacific is a sealed work in progress that we all can possibly look forward to in the future. What prompted the French Polynesian government to sign an agreement to build a real floating island in January 2017?

The answer to that is none other than rising sea levels that could usurp about ⅔ of French Polynesia's land. Anyhow, it's an exciting development that will be mutually beneficial for the locals in the island collective there as well as for tourists like you and I.

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