4-year-old stuns mom with questions about how babies are made: ‘I am not ready for this convo!’

Kids love asking questions. But when it comes to learning the birds and the bees, things can get a little awkward.

Mom Jessica Mercedes Penzari posted a conversation she had with her 4-year-old son Hendrix. The boy wanted to know how his mom and dad made a baby. Let’s just say the question caught Penzari a little off guard at the time.

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“I am not ready for this convo! He’s 4! Slow down, kid!” the caption read.

Hendrix started to ask his mom if his parents had made a baby. Then the conversation took off from there.

Hendrix: But how did you make a human?

Mom: With lots of love.

Hendrix: Mommy, how did you get me in your body? How?

Tinashe is calling the shots:

Mom: I made you with lots of love. Mommy and daddy came together, and we made you.

Hendrix: You connected your love together?

Mom: That’s exactly right. Yes.

The little guy then proceeded to ask mom to make him a baby brother.

The video received over 1.4 million likes on Instagram.

“He knows this is not magic and no way an abstract concept made a tangible human. This conversation is far from over,” a user said.

“This is too precious,” someone replied.

“When I was asking these questions, I already knew,” another joked.

“That’s a cute way of describing it if the kid seems too young yet for the real story,” a person commented.

“It’s totally normal to have real conversations about this stuff with kids. We should not be embarrassed about telling them with the right vocabulary,” someone added.

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