4 Reasons Why Carrying an Early Warning Device in Your Car is a Must

No matter how you take good care of your vehicle, car problems may suddenly happen while you’re driving. It may be a flat tire, a busted hose, or a faulty headlight–for sure, these things will force you to stop and pull over to the side of the road. You should always be prepared for unexpected car problems that you might encounter by having the right tools inside your car and one of which is the early warning device (EWD).

Why so? Here are four reasons why carrying an EWD in your car is a must. Note: An early warning device is a reflectorized material that comes in a triangular shape.

1. Safety

For obvious reasons, an EWD is designed for safety purposes. It warns other motorists that there’s a stalled vehicle ahead, which could lessen the odds of an accident. Most of the time, EWDs come in pairs–one is Yellow and the other one is Red. Do not place the two triangles side-by-side. The Red triangle should be placed three meters away from the stalled car. On the other hand, the Yellow triangle should be placed six meters away from the Red one. The reason behind this logic is that the Yellow triangle will be able to notify other motorists that there’s a hazard ahead. The Red triangle will warn the approaching car that the hazard is almost near. However, you need to adjust the placement of the triangles when you pull over on the highway because cars are traveling faster.

2. Road courtesy

Placing an EWD won’t just keep you safe when you pull over to the side but, it will also protect the approaching motorists. In this way, you are being courteous towards other road users, and at the same time, you are promoting road safety.

3. Responsible car owner

If all of us are responsible car owners or drivers, car-related accidents could be reduced to a minimum. Be a responsible driver by practicing road safety and courtesy. As such, you should always have the essential tools inside your car–especially the EWD.

4. Required by the Law

Yes, it is required by the law. The Memorandum Circular No. VPT-2012-1609 or the Revised Rules on the Implementation of the Early Warning Device Requirement states that an EWD is a mandatory accessory for all motor vehicles, except motorcycles and tricycles. The memorandum goes on by stating that “a pair of EWD…shall be carried at all times.” So, you might want to buy an EWD right now if you still don’t have one inside your car.

Overall, EWDs can give you protection whenever you need to stop on the side of the road due to a car problem. It also helps other motorists to know that there’s a hazard ahead, which could reduce the chances of having an accident. As such, the EWD is an essential safety tool that should always be inside your car, whether it is required by the law or not.

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