43 Mind-Blowing Things From Other Countries That Prove America Is Living In Two Thousand Twenty LATE

1.Singapore has bikes with airless tires you can rent, so you don't have to worry about tires deflating.

Parked bike with a unique orange-tire design on a paved path with grass and trees in the background
u/scaryterry99 / Via reddit.com

2.There are McDonald's in Malaysia that just sell ice cream, and I'm willing to bet the ice cream machine isn't broken as much when it's the only thing they sell.

Counter and seating area of a fast-food restaurant with menu displays, and a health grade rating visible
u/fauxuniverse / Via reddit.com

3.This airport in Singapore has a SLIDE to move from terminal to terminal.

Slide at the entrance of a modern building, flanked by metal turnstiles
u/CORROSIVEMANGONOX / Via reddit.com

Here it is in action. BRB, booking a flight just to slide down this and come back.

Ticket validation machine displaying a green check mark, indicating access is granted at a transit entry gate
u/CORROSIVEMANGONOX / Via reddit.com

4.There are traveling movie theaters in Scotland, so remote areas far away from movie theaters can still catch the latest releases.

A mobile cinema truck with a side staircase deployed, parked near a building
u/madding247 / Via reddit.com

5.Hong Kong has solar-powered buses.

Multiple buses parked in a lot, some double-decker, with a city backdrop
u/Obvious_wombat / Via reddit.com

6.In New Zealand, supermarkets have specific areas to put items you decided not to buy, so you don't end up leaving canned beans by the toilet paper.

A sign in a store reads "DON'T WANT IT AFTER ALL? PLEASE PLACE IT HERE" on a metal rack with items returned by shoppers
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7.This antique bookstore in Toronto dispenses random books for $2 each, which I just think is a really cool idea.

Vintage book vending machine, the Biblio-Mat, offers random old and unusual books for surprise literary discoveries at a bookstore
u/JiveMonkey / Via reddit.com

8.In this Toronto library, you can rent any power tools you need for free.

A wall and shelves in a workshop with various power tools and equipment neatly organized
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9.In the Netherlands, you can actually test different types of toilet paper before you decide which one to buy.

Bathroom wall with multiple toilet paper rolls and a sign inviting to test favorite toilet paper
shishdem / Via reddit.com

10.The Netherlands also has beer vans for college students who need to order lots of beer for a party.

A Heineken-branded van with "Student Service" text, parked by a tree-lined street, near some flowering plants
u/AlpineHelix / Via reddit.com

11.And in this store in Ireland, they have evenings for those with sensory issues or autism.

Autism Aware Quiet Evening announcement poster with event details and accessibility symbols
u/Smetvrees / Via reddit.com

12.The Narita International Airport in Japan has quiet rooms for people with sensory sensitivity or autism.

Sign indicating Quiet Rooms for people with autism and other disabilities, with a pictogram of a person sitting in a chair with an arrow
u/PurpleWallaby999 / Via reddit.com

13.This supermarket in Sweden has carts with maps of the store on it.

Shopping cart handle with a map of Coop Forum store's layout and various sections labeled in Swedish
u/caspii2 / Via reddit.com

14.In Australia, street markings glow in the dark, so you can actually see them at night.

Glow in the dark road markings illuminated at night for enhanced visibility and safety
u/starstufft / Via reddit.com

15.In Albania, the whole traffic light rod lights up, so there's no mistaking when the light changes.

Street view at night with neon-lit arch, traffic light, and hotel signage. People are present near a bus stop
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16.And in Hong Kong, lights shine on the ground to show pedestrians when they can cross.

Nighttime city street view with illuminated crosswalk and surrounding buildings
u/thousander2021 / Via reddit.com

17.In Germany, some buses have bookshelves in case you're bored on a long ride.

Bus interior with a bookshelf above two patterned seats, encouraging reading during travel
u/El420 / Via reddit.com

18.And this metro station in China has an entire library complete with a workstation.

People reading at tables in a well-lit underground library space
u/co1063 / Via reddit.com

19.In this Moscow metro car, there's literally an art gallery.

Artwork hanging inside a subway car with passengers seated in the background
u/gypsyblue / Via reddit.com

20.And this Amsterdam airport has a mini art museum.

Person observing artwork in a dimly lit gallery
u/floatingm / Via reddit.com

21.This is a SCHOOL LUNCH in Luxembourg.

Plate with various foods including bacon, eggs, and fries, next to a chocolate bunny and a slice of strawberry cake
Foreign_Beach_1990 / Via reddit.com

22.Here's one in Korea.

Korean meal on a tray with rice, soup, kimchi, meats, and side dishes
darkrealm190 / Via reddit.com

For context, this is what I remember as an American school lunch: soggy canned veggies, a small fruit cup, milk, and a pizza slice.

School lunch tray with corn, cheese pizza, pineapples, chocolate milk, and a bread roll
u/Nate22212 / Via reddit.com

23.In Japan, beer cans have notices on top indicating that the drink is alcoholic in Japanese characters and braille, so you never accidentally drink alcohol.

Top view of a closed beverage can with condensation droplets
u/Thos_Hobbes / Via reddit.com

24.Australia has "confectionery-free checkouts" with no small candies or snacks, so you aren't tempted to buy anything. These would also be a lifesaver for parents of kids with grabby hands.

Checkout lanes in a store with a "Confectionery free checkout" sign, with shoppers and a baby visible
u/TheEvilton / Via reddit.com

25.In Toronto, you can get cake from a vending machine.

Vending machine stocked with various flavors of cake slices, labeled for ordering and pickup
u/BJuneTheLegend / Via reddit.com

26.At this Munich train station, there's a Lego vending machine.

LEGO vending machine filled with various sets, installed in a public space
u/Coneskater / Via reddit.com

27.In Taiwan subways, lights show which bathroom stalls are occupied, which I need to be implemented in every public restroom STAT. I'm sick of making awkward eye contact with peeing people through the stall gaps!

Electronic display showing occupancy of a women's restroom with indicators in Chinese and English
u/bongoballseks / Via reddit.com

28.The metro in Mumbai shows how full each car is, so you can head to the least crowded one, which would save me a LOT of trouble in NYC.

Digital display showing train compartment numbers at a station with directional signs below
u/yesmanwow / Via reddit.com

29.This office building in London has a slide between floors.

a slide between floors in a building
u/eoec1995 / Via reddit.com

30.This mall in Germany also has a slide between floors.

A large red indoor slide with a sign that says "MAGIC SLIDE" at a shopping mall
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

31.French supermarkets warn you about shrinkflation.

Advertisement for Magnum Classic ice cream showing increased product size with "+39%" highlighted, next to a freezer
u/_ImpersonalJesus_ / Via reddit.com

32.At the airport in Singapore, the recycling bins are shaped like the items you're supposed to put in them.

Recycling bins designed as a newspaper, water bottle, and soda can, promoting recycling in a creative way
u/woodenarch99 / Via reddit.com

33.At McDonald's in France, you can get a McBaguette.

McDonald's bag with logo, steak sandwich in a tray, and fries on the side
u/_ImpersonalJesus_ / Via reddit.com

34.At Starbucks in Japan, you can use reusable cups and give them back afterward to reduce paper and plastic waste.

Sign instructing to sort Starbucks cups for recycling, with illustrations of cups and dedicated disposal slots
u/iTwango / Via reddit.com

35.Starbucks in Japan also gives you these cards if you have milk allergies to ensure you don't accidentally end up with cow's milk in your drink.

A card indicating the use of soy milk for a drink order, with instructions in both Japanese and English
u/SevereRepresentative / Via reddit.com

36.Austria has wine vending machines.

Wine vending machine outside with a selection of bottles, "Nach dem Klick Drücken" written on the bottom
u/the_singingguy / Via reddit.com

37.And the Netherlands have fresh flower vending machines.

Vending machine with various flowers for sale, instructions on use to the right, reflection of two people visible
u/Jonah_the_Whale / Via reddit.com

38.You can refill your laundry detergent bottles in Prague.

Self-service laundry detergent station with Persil products and signage in a store
u/starlightexpress3005 / Via reddit.com

39.In Germany, shopping carts have magnifying glasses for ingredient lists.

Person's fingers seen through a magnifying glass attached to a shopping cart handle
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40.In rural France, trash and recycling receptacles blend into the landscape.

Two dumpsters against a stone wall, with visible posters on them
u/pawnografik / Via reddit.com

41.In Quebec, you can save money AND the environment by eschewing daily cleaning services.

Pamphlet about protecting the environment with tips on saving energy and a $30 rebate offer for eco-friendly choices
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42.This airport in the Netherlands has a UV sanitizing station for those anxious about germs while traveling.

Sanitizing station for personal items with UV light at Schiphol Airport
u/FortyishYearOld / Via reddit.com

43.And finally, in Singapore, there are tons of points to get help for people with dementia.

Information poster about assisting people with dementia, featuring a giraffe character, QR code, and text with helpful tips
u/the_wellspring / Via reddit.com