5.5 million people watched Ed Sheeran's live performance on TikTok

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Ed Sheeran has over 5.6 million followers on TikTok.

Ed Sheeran's return to the stage is breaking records. The British singer's live show scaled the charts on TikTok, which recorded its highest audience rating ever for this concert during this year's Euro soccer tournament. In all, more than 5.5 million users watched the pop star's performance.

On June 25, Ed Sheeran made sure that his comeback got noticed with the debut of his new single "Bad Habits" on Generation Z's favorite app. It was during a special concert given in honor of the Euro soccer tournament, of which TikTok is an official partner, that the singer made a unique performance. According to the Chinese platform, the concert registered more than 5.5 million unique views. A figure that combines the audience of the live concert on June 25 with the two replays on Saturday, June 26. TikTok has already announced that a new broadcast of the concert will be available via its platform on Friday, July 9 at 1 pm, East Coast time.

This music concert was specially designed for the application with a custom stage in a vertical format, adapted to the platform. Special effects were even added in augmented reality for each song and integrated into the background of the Portman Road soccer stadium that is home to the Ipswich Town club, dear to the artist, where the concert was shot. Ed Sheeran also had a phone on the stage to talk directly to internet users in front of their screen.

During the one-hour set, the British singer performed 12 of his biggest hits including "A Team," "Sing," "Shape of You" and presented his brand new single "Bad Habits" for the first time live. A week before the show, a preview of the song was unveiled on TikTok for users to use in their posts. More than 400,000 videos used the track, setting a new record for the "biggest global song preview" on the platform, the Chinese app said. As for the artist, it was his global broadcast and the first full show he played with a live band.

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