5 Must-Shop Destinations In Pittsburgh

Even if you’re not from Pittsburgh, or you don’t know anyone from Pittsburgh, you should know there’s huge sense of pride involved with living there.

Even if you’re not fromPittsburgh, or you don’t know anyone from Pittsburgh, you should know there’s huge sense of pride involved with living there. For some, it’s asports thing. For others, it’s aculinary thing. But one thing is for sure:Yinzers have a whole lot of love for their city.

People with an affinity for shopping might feel the same sense of pride, too, once exposed to the diverse range of stores that exist within its parameters. There are solid vintage stores, curated boutiques, specialty food stores and more. 

Plus, you don’t even need to take a trip to the Steel City to get your hands on some of these goods, so yinzbetter hop to it.

Here are a few of our picks to get you started. 

Highway Robbery Vintage 

Highway Robbery is cited around the internet as an excellent option for vintage clothing, including one glowing endorsement from travel site Afar that says it’s “exactly what a vintage shop should be.” It boasts a wide selection of affordable garb from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s both in-store and online ― including thefunky $30 coatabove and a perfectly transitional $26 floral jacket

Wild Card

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Pittsburgh City Paper calls this the“best one-of-a-kind store,”and with good reason. This funky card shop, which also sells gift wrap, stationery, jewelry, journals, T-shirts and more that are made locally. “We pride ourselves on getting to know our artists and crafters, as well as our customers,”its site reads. Plus, everyone loves ahilarious card, no? 

Roxanne’s Dried Flowers 

Roxanne’s Dried Flowers features “exotic and familiar flowers dried from all over the world,” according to its website. It's an ideal destination for weddings or simply home decoration and also sells pottery, gifts, wreaths and more. So. Pretty. 

Ragged Row 

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Ragged Rowis the place to find both fashion and fitness-focused trends. Founded by two sisters, it has two locations and offers online shopping, as well. Its high-end denim selection is impressive, but the cute Pittsburgh paraphernalia is especially appealing. 

Pennsylvania Macaroni Company 

This Italian specialty market has all the usual contenders of a gourmet grocery store, with a Pittsburgh twist. Stock up on olives, pasta sauce and fancy dipping oils, or have your pick of some of“Pittsburgh favorites,”like Turner’s Iced Tea and Grasso’s Sausage. Yum. 


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