5 Deadly Things that can Kill your Relationship

No marriage is perfect. Even the ones that have lasted for decades have ups-and-downs. While some work towards enduring it, many fall to one of the many reasons for divorce. However, separation does not take place by accident. The seed of estrangement builds up slowly when people tend to avoid things that matter most. Studies reveal that divorce rate has increased tremendously around the world. But why relationships are falling apart? Let us find out the tops reasons that are causing divorce globally.

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Communication breakdown

Lack of proper communication creates gaps among couples and leads to misunderstandings. Often women expect that their husbands will figure out what they really want, but the bitter truth is that men are no face readers. If you have a problem, discuss! Do not assume things; if in doubt, clarify. And guys please - if you love her, show it! Communication is not just about talking; it is about expressing and understanding. In many cases, marriages break down only because couples talk but do not communicate.


Adultery is one of the most common reasons of divorce. Even after years, the world has not forgotten the illicit affair of Prince Charles with Camilla that wrecked Princess Diana’s marriage with him. There are many such men and women who indulge in infidelity and wreck their own marriages. When partners become unfaithful to one another, divorce becomes the only solution.

Money matters

Money either can make your life better or can make it worse. There is no middle ground when it comes to money. Disagreements over financial responsibilities or monetary investments can cause much stress in a relationship often leading it to divorce. Though it may not be a primary cause of separation, it is certainly a significant contributor. It is recommended that you manage your funds with mutual understanding, fairness, and a tiny dose of compromise.

Sexual incompatibility

Satisfactory intimate relationship plays an important role in a successful marriage. Physical compatibility is essential to build a strong emotional bond. Sexual dissatisfaction or reproductive incapability often causes frustration leading to divorce. In case your sexual drives do not synchronize, it is better to seek medical help than calling it a quit.


Marriage, family, and drug addiction certainly do not blend well. Addiction may include over use of drugs, alcohol, or gambling. It can be worse when combined with emotional, physical, or physiological abuse. Addiction is one of the most draining reasons for divorce or separation and should be given immediate professional attention.

Divorce is an emotional and a painful scar that can be avoided with some patience and understanding. If you ever see a seed of doubt sprouting in your marital life, consider visiting a marriage counsellor.