5 Genius Ways to Use Tension Rods Around the House

Turns out tension rods are great for more than just hanging curtains.

Tension rods are a household favorite because they're super renter-friendly: They're totally removable, leave zero damage, and can fit any style of decor. Typically, sturdy tension rods are used to hang curtains or add a layer of storage in your closet. But they come in a variety of sizes (length and diameter) that make them ideal solutions for common household problems, like messy kitchen drawers, overstuffed under-sink cabinets, or wandering pets. Spring into action and use tension rods to...

Organize Tupperware

Nothing says “certified adult” like a tidy setup of reusable containers. To get one, extend a small tension rod lengthwise across a deep kitchen drawer, leaving a two-inch gap between the rod and the drawer front. Then arrange all your lids by size, making sure there’s a container for each one, and slide them into that narrow space. Stack the containers on the other side of the rod. That’s it—you’ve officially got a system!

Hang Household Cleaners

If you keep a collection of cleaning supplies under your sink, a tension rod can create more storage space. Just position the rod horizontally a few inches below the bottom of the sink basin. Gather your spray bottles and hook them over the rod by their triggers. They’ll hang in place, leaving room for other supplies below. You can also add S hooks for more hanging potential.

Corral Baking Sheets

Tired of releasing an avalanche of pans every time you want to do some baking? Empty out a cabinet (or at least one side) and install two tension rods vertically—one near the back of the cabinet and one parallel to it, closer to the door. Repeat as needed to add more sections. This way, you can file your baking sheets (and your cutting boards and cooling racks and muffin tins) side by side and simply grab what you need.

Make a Dog Gate

Sure, Buster is cute, but he shouldn’t be in all your Zoom meetings! Instead of shelling out for a pet gate, you can DIY an affordable solution. You need two tension rods, a few yards of fabric, and some no-sew hem tape. Position one rod across the doorframe, close to the floor, and the other one higher, based on the size of your pup. Wrap the fabric around the two tension rods, using hem tape to secure it and complete the divider.

Set Up a Gift Wrapping Station

Is gift giving your love language? This one’s for you. Pick a closet wide enough for rolls of wrapping paper to fit in lengthwise. Put a rod through a wrapping paper tube and add it to the space horizontally. Repeat with more rolls, leaving three to four inches between each one. You can add spools of ribbon too! Keep scissors and tape nearby in a basket, on a shelf, or in an over-the-door organizer.

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