The 5 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

Carlo Miguel Castañeda

When people head off to university, it’s to ensure that they have the skills to land them the job that they want by the time they graduate. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Some people may find that their actual career path has very little to do with their major.

Still, it doesn’t mean that one can’t have a particularly successful career in their chosen field. There are a number of career paths that actually provide good paying jobs without the need for leaving the country.

If you’re in job hunting mode or are looking for something new, here are the top five highest paying jobs in the Philippines, based on experience levels from JobStreet’s 2017 Salary Report.

Junior Executive

People with at least 1-4 years of experience are worth more to companies, which creates a bit of competition on both ends. Applicants will bottleneck companies that offer higher paying jobs, and companies will go for the cream of the crop among those applicants.

Here are the top 5 industries at the junior executive level:

Junior Executive
Industry Average Salary
IT-Related Php 37,034
Law and Legal Services Php 29,430
Training and Development Php 27,253
Banking and Financial Services Php 27,188
Actuarial Science and Statistics Php 27,064


Anyone working in the same field for five years and above qualify for positions at the supervisory level. According to the report, these positions have seen an overall increase since 2016, and the top five industries here vary as well.

Industry Average Salary
IT-Related Php 68,723
Actuarial Science and Statistics Php 65,741
Law and Legal Services Php 48,014
Journalist or Editor Php 40,708
Banking and Financial Services Php 38,857


At the level of a manager, however, things change. According to the JobStreet report, positions at the managerial level all saw a salary increase in 2017, the percentage increase ranging from 5% to 59%. The reason for this may be so that companies can retain talent and remain competitive.

Industry Average Salary
Corporate Strategy Php 125,976
IT-Related Php 91,100
Actuarial Science and Statistics Php 81,799
Quality Control and Assurance Php 80,828
Customer Service Php 80,810


The salaries depicted for each pay bracket are the average in their industries, though they may skew higher or lower depending on the company. While these are the average salaries and the highest in their respective brackets, the Labor Market Trends Report from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), states that the following are the highest paying jobs in the country:

Industry Average Salary
Pilots, Navigation, Flight Engineers Php 156,823
Geologists in Construction Php 101,471
Graphic Designers Php 99,658
Art Directors Php 76,612
Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Fitters Php 76,550

The report also differentiates geologists working in construction and in mining, stating that the aviation industry is among the most lucrative as of 2017, including the industries previously mentioned.


Final thoughts

With an economic forecast trending in the positive for the country in spite of threats previously levied by US President Donald J. Trump to pull out the BPO investment, it looks as though plenty of high salary jobs will remain within reach of Filipinos.

That said, one might be hard-pressed to find themselves in a high paying job without a degree, making education the larger prerogative. With the country’s unemployment rate at 5.7% – a lower figure as opposed to 2016 – it’s easy to assume that there are jobs available in these fields, but it will also take the right attitude and qualifications in order for you to get the job.

Those looking to make a career change or get better pay will want to take advantage of online courses to enrich themselves and to help add to their resume, putting them one step closer to their dream careers.

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