5-minute catch up: Top stories for November 17

Anisa Menur
5-minute catch up: Top stories for November 17

A quick look into what is going on in the global tech scene today

Some Tesla updates


Tesla unveils all-electric semi truck [TechCrunch]

Tesal unveiled its all-electric semi truck Tesla Semi today. In addition to its powertrain, the vehicle is also completed with a feature that can help prevent “jackknifing,” which is dubbed as one of the most dangerous potential safety issues faced by big rigs with trailers.

Tesla reveals price tag for Tesla Roadster [The Verge]

During the semi truck launch event, Tesla also took the opportunity to announce the new version of the Tesla Roadster. Interested parties can start paying their deposit today; the vehicle is available starting from US$200,000 with a US$50,000 deposit.

Regulatory matters


Japan suspects Airbnb of antitrust practices [Reuters]

Airbnb announced that last month Japanese fair trade regulator has raided the its offices in the country under suspicion of antitrust law violation. The company was accused of breaking antitrust rules by asking users to not list their properties on rival platforms. Denying any wrongdoing, an Airbnb spokesperson stated that the company will cooperate with the regulator in the investigation process.

Censorship and internet freedom


Indonesia threatens social media plaforms to censor pornographic content [Bloomberg]

Indonesian Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara has sent out a notice to global social media platforms operating in the country, such as Facebook and Twitter, to block out pornographic and violent in the platform. The minister threatened to block the platforms in the country if they failed to comply with the notice, though there was no mention of any deadline. The government is also going to host a meeting with the companies to discuss content monitoring. The notice followed the government’s call last week for Whatsapp to block illicit images that are accessible through its GIF feature.

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