5 Must-Read Tech Stories in China This Week


This week, China went on holiday, but the tech news kept rolling in anyway. Here's what you missed. 1. Sina Admits it Hasn't Implemented Real-Name on Weibo So much for the real-name regulations on Weibo; Sina admitted in an SEC filing this week that it hasn't really bothered with any of that. Can't imagine the government is going to be too happy about this! Also in Weibo news this week, we took a closer look at an emerging new approach to censorship and then decided this whole censorship thing has jumped the shark. 2. CT510 'Not-a-Games-Console' Console Launches, But Hard to Find We ventured out into Beijing in search of eedoo's new game console-y entertainment device, but couldn't find the thing -- or anyone who had heard of it -- anywhere. Later in the week, eedoo got in touch with us and answered a few of our tough questions about its pricey new machine. 3. Microfinance Platform Wokai Closes The number of cool nonprofits in the China tech space dropped by one this week as Wokai announced it was winding down operations. It's quite a shame, but the good news is, the money they raised should continue to help finance Chinese microentrepreneurs for the next decade or so. 4. Xiaomi is a Billion-Dollar Company After checking out the latest numbers from mobile startup Xiaomi, we got to thinking about what the company is actually worth. The answer: quite a lot. 5. Camera360 Startup Gets Big Money, CTrip Gets Trip TM You might be wondering how those two stories are connected, and the answer is that they're both stories I wanted to put in the number five space. (Unlike my colleagues, I prefer to keep this column to an even five list items, but sometimes I've got to cheat a little). Anyway, if you're into the business side of China tech news, both of these pieces should be of interest to you. Happy clicking.

That's it for last week's top stories. Stay tuned this week as we head to GMIC 2012 to get interviews with all your favorite cool dudes from the tech world. Want more China? This, or this.