5 reasons to work out during lunch


5 reasons to work out during lunch

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Now that we’re done and dusted with the red packet giving and taking, getting back to work after a weekend of celebration is no fun. You know you should exercise with the unspeakable amount of pineapple tarts you’ve inhaled, but you just can’t find the time (or mood) to hit the gym after work.

Here’s why you should give lunch break workout a chance.


1)      You’ll be able to free your up evening – A lot of people hit the gym after work, but if you’ve a particularly tough day, it can be hard to get the motivation to stop by before getting home. If you stop by the gym during lunch, you’ll be able to free up your evening to do things you enjoy, or spend more time with your loved ones.


2)      You’ll feel less angsty throughout the day – Everyone knows that sweating it out produces feel-good hormones, endorphins. If you’re feeling stressed out about a big project, or being driven to your edge by your co-worker, exercising can be the perfect way to help reduce stress. Sweat it all out, and we guarantee you’ll feel much better after that workout.


3)      You’ll form stronger bonds with co-workers – If you want to know your co-workers better, exercising together during lunch could be a great way to bond with them. Commit to HIIT workouts together, or go for group jogs. If these jogs stick, you’ll have a buddy who will make working out during lunch much more fun and enjoyable.


4)      You’ll make most of your lunch break – If things get busy, you might be tempted to stick around your desk and try to churn out more work. Remember you are entitled to a break and by stepping away from the office, you’re focusing on you. The office will still be there in an hour.


5)      You’ll improve your time management – If you know you only have an hour to spare, you’ll get better and better at managing that time for your own benefit. Workout time will be more productive as the limited time period forces you to be efficient. Adopting this mind-set is also helpful with so many other aspects of life.


Of course, not everyone has the privilege of enjoying a full hour lunchbreak. On days that you can’t seem to leave your desk, here are 10 exercise you can do without leaving your desk. Remember, whatever little workout you can squeeze in, is better than none at all!


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