5 Soccer Superstars Hide Their Identities to Embark on 'Epic Journey' to Find Romance in “Love Undercover” (Exclusive)

Though back home the men have fame, fortune and more, the pro athletes find themselves taking on new personas when they venture to Hollywood to meet the women who will vie for their hearts

With fame and fortune off the table, will love prevail?

In PEOPLE's exclusive first look at Peacock's latest reality dating show Love Undercover, world famous athletes from across the globe will take on new personas with the hopes of finding genuine love.

Love Undercover is a "modern-day fairytale" that will tell the story of five soccer players on an "epic journey filled with love, drama, heartbreak and self-discovery," according to the show's official synopsis. In order to find love without price tags, "the men must leave their lavish lives behind and take on secret identities to date several single women in Los Angeles, who don’t know of their fame overseas."

<p>Casey Durkin/PEACOCK</p> Jamie O'Hara on 'Undercover Love'

Casey Durkin/PEACOCK

Jamie O'Hara on 'Undercover Love'

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The cast of five premiere league stars, Jamie O'Hara, Ryan Badel, Lloyd Jones, Marco Fabián and Sebastián Fassi will attempt to find love in a group of 18 women.

Though back home the men have fame, fortune and more, they find themselves taking on new personas when they venture to Hollywood, California to meet the women who will vie for their hearts.

"I think girls in the past have gone for me because of what I've got," Jamie admits in the trailer before Sebastián explains, "That's why we're going undercover."

<p>Casey Durkin/PEACOCK</p> (L) Marco Fabián and Jamie O'Hara on 'Undercover Love'

Casey Durkin/PEACOCK

(L) Marco Fabián and Jamie O'Hara on 'Undercover Love'

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After meeting the women, the soccer pros reveal their new identities, Jamie is an "ad saleman," Lloyd is a "strength and conditioning coach" and Ryan is a "construction worker."

As the teaser continues, hiding their fame and fortune seems to become "harder than they ever imagined" as the guys run into a couple close calls. Despite their best efforts, some of the girls suspect, "None of the men are being honest about who they are" and another woman screams while seeking out the truth, "Jamie, where the f--- are you at?!"

<p>Casey Durkin/PEACOCK</p> Sebastián Fassi on 'Undercover Love'

Casey Durkin/PEACOCK

Sebastián Fassi on 'Undercover Love'

Tensions eventually reach a boiling point when Sebastián finds himself in a love triangle and one woman cries, "the girl that he's choosing, she's the fakest one here."

The pro athletes eventually reach the end of their Hollywood stay. Before they can take the ladies home to their respective countries, they must reveal their true identities.

"You could have put 200 girls in there and I'd still only want you," Jamie gushes while Sebastián confesses, "I actually got to meet this amazing woman who really liked me" as champagne glasses are clinked and kisses are exchanged.

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While some men find true love, others seem to be embroiled in drama.

"You want me to just lie and say I'm in love?" Lloyd questions and Jamie states, "I'm actually questioning why I came."

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Love Undercover premieres Thursday, May 9 on Peacock.

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