5 things we learned about 'GoT' from the new series 'The Game Revealed'

With the release of HBO’s new series The Game Revealed, fans of Game of Thrones will get a look behind the scenes of each episode from Season 7. Here are the top five things we learned from Episode 1:

1. We learned how Maisie Williams, as Arya, takes off her “faces.” Prior to this season, Williams had just faked it. But in the opening scene of the season, she wore a prosthetic face that looked exactly like that of Walder Frey, played by David Bradley.

“I was thrilled that they’d made a full head prosthetic which fit my face, but I look just like David Bradley. As an actor, to really reveal yourself and take another face off your face rather than just pretend, that just made it a lot easier and a lot more fun, I guess,” Williams said.

2. When pop star Ed Sheeran made his cameo, he thought his character was a goner.

“I first got the scene and saw I was a Lannister soldier, and it was with Maisie; I just assumed we’d all get killed at the end,” Sheeran said.

Of course that didn’t happen. Arya decided to take it easy on Sheeran’s character and the other Lannister soldiers.

3. The man painting the giant map for Cersei isn’t who he appears to be. He’s neither a painter nor an actor pretending to be a painter. The man in the scene is Jim Stanes, the graphic designer who designed the map.

4. That mouthwatering montage at the Citadel where Samwell seems to be constantly going back and forth between handling soup and something much less desirable that looks as if it could be soup (everyone who watched knows) — that took 3 1/2 days to shoot. But it was totally worth it.

5. The scene at the end of the episode when Daenerys finally sets foot on Dragonstone was actually shot in three different locations. The part when they first land on the beach with the unique rock formations was filmed at Zumaia beach in northern Spain. As Dany and her crew move through the giant gates, that was shot on set in Belfast, Northern Ireland. And that long walk up the stairs to the castle was shot in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, also in Spain.

New episodes of The Game Revealed will be available to HBO subscribers every Monday.

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