5 Weird And Unique Traditions Around The World That People Actually Celebrate

Denise Bay

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How uniquely Singaporean do you think are the many traditions that we still hold dear in this day and age without questioning why certain things are the way they are? There are plenty of strange and unique traditions around the world that people happily embrace and honour, too. Some are horrifying and cringeworthy while others are simply charming. Here, we at GET.com share with you 5 unique traditions around the globe that people actually celebrate.

5 Unique Traditions Around The World That People Actually Celebrate

1. Night Of The Radishes

Image source: mexconnect.com

Most Singaporeans are no stranger to carved vegetables that always seem to find a place in our dishes as garnish but things get a little more bizarre in the Mexican state of Oaxaca every 23rd of December. Shown in the slightly disturbing picture above are radishes that have been meticulously carved and put on display.

2. Hangul Day

Just in case you are not a K-Pop or K-Drama fan yet and you have no idea what on earth Hangul is, Hangul is the Korean alphabet. Right then, Hangul Day is the special day where citizens of both South Korea and North Korea celebrate the proclamation and creation of the Korean alphabet.

Like the 38th Parallel that still divides the two Korean nations till this day, people on both sides dedicate different days to commemorate Hangul Day.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Singapore government could establish ‘Singlish Day' and even better, turn it into a public holiday? #justsaying

Since we have briefly mentioned Singlish, here are some things 99% of Singaporeans dislike about Singlish but secretly love.

3. Hadaka Matsuri

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Also known as the Naked Man Festival in Japan, Hadaka Matsuri is commemorated on one of the most frigid nights of the year to assess guys' bravery and manhood. I'm not sure how stripping almost bare (or bare) when it is freezing cold helps one secure good luck for the rest of the year, but hey, take that from these things called tradition and beliefs. The annual Hadaka Matsuri rituals vary across Japan, though.

4. Nenana Ice Classic

Oh boy, this Alaskan tradition is such a fun one that I'd be more than happy to join. Basically, the Nenana Ice Classic is a spring ice-melting lottery where participants have to guess the exact day and time in which the winter ice will first crack on the Tanana River.

The winner(s) will win prize money, of course! Word has it that since the inception of this classic Alaskan tradition back in 1917, more than 10 million dollars have been given away as prizes. This is more fun than betting on toto or 4D, don't you think?

5. The Tinku Punch Your Neighbour Festival

If you are travelling to Bolivia, maybe you'd want to avoid going there in early May. Like its name suggests, this Tinku tradition revolves around literally punching one's neighbours in a bid to ensure a good harvest. Sometimes, things get so brutal that people actually die during the street battle festival.

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