Top 5 worst wedding proposals

Top 5 worst wedding proposals: Inside food

Drunken proposals

While being drunk can boost your confidence, passion and spontaneity (which would seem the perfect combination for a marriage proposal), don’t be fooled into thinking a drunken proposal is the way to woo your lover. A vodka-fuelled attempt at winning the heart of the one you love will only result in embarrassment, disappointment and a huge feeling of regret the morning after. Wobbling over while trying to balance on one knee, dropping the engagement ring and slurring your ‘romantic’ words does not a perfect proposal make. Your partner should love you the most when you’re yourself and alcohol has a tendency of bringing out different sides to people. So be true to yourself, and your partner, by proposing in a truly sober state (well, one glass for Dutch courage won’t hurt).

Social network proposal

Skype, Facebook and email are all well and good if you’re sadly far away from your loved one and want to get the message across, but when you a) live together or b) live near each other, then there is simply no excuse to pop the question via a social media platform. A pour-your-heart-out handwritten letter sent to your darling, bring it on! But a sub-140 character proposal? Not so much. Shyness, pursuit of originality or just plain laziness – whatever your reason is for tweeting ‘will you marry me?’ to your poor partner, it’s just not the way proposals should be done. Something as temporary and intangible as the internet should never be the basis for such a significant and lifelong gesture of commitment. Cyber-holics, you have been told!

Fast food restaurant proposal

You went to a burger bar on your first date? Cute! You shared a pizza on your first anniversary? How sweet. But when it comes to whipping out a diamond ring, make sure there are no onion rings in sight. The surroundings and ambiance a fast food eatery can offer are seriously limited in the romance-stakes. Garish décor, harsh lighting and that infamous pungent aroma – we can’t think of a worse location to declare your undying love for someone, can you? Well, unless you chose a graveyard, a landfill site or public toilet, that is.

Inside food

Hangovers and Christmas; bikinis and snow; children and driving – there are just certain things that shouldn’t be mixed. The same applies to engagement rings and food. Why would anyone want their hard-earned sparkler to get greased up inside a burger? Or sticky-fied inside a piece of chocolate cake? Not only does food taint the beauty and purity of an engagement ring, it’s also downright dangerous! What if your loved one choked on the ring that’s bobbing in her glass of champagne? Possibly the worst thought ever. So keep it clean and use the pretty, satin-lined ring box the diamond was intended to go in. Or, if you did want to be creative, a flower petal or a shell make pretty vessels for your sparkling diamond to nestle in.

Public proposal

Asking someone to marry you is one of the ultimate personal things a person can do in their life. Why ruin it by sharing it with anyone else other than your husband or wife-to-be? First of all, the more people there are around, the more chance there is of something going awry (think arguments in the background of your park proposal or a sudden outburst of ‘happy birthday’ on the next restaurant table). Public transport, shopping centres and sports games are all out of the question, unless you want an embarrassed and rabbit-caught-in-headlights type reaction from your partner. Plus, if you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for, it won’t only be the two of you who know about it. Read more on
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