6,000 jobless as factories fold up in Penang


KUALA LUMPUR: Some 6,000 factory workers in Penang have lost their jobs as companies have closed down their factories in the state, claimed Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya.

Dr Hilmi, who is also Balik Pulau MP said large corporations had closed their factories in Penang due to the state’s governance.

“I was informed that about 6,000 people have lost their jobs,” he said, but did not elaborate further.

Dr Hilmi was speaking to reporters after launching the national-level oral health promotion with various religious bodies at the National Mosque here today.

He also claimed that the DAP-led government in the state had failed to help the urban poor, preferring instead to help the rich.

“DAP chooses to help the rich and the big housing developers, they don’t help ordinary citizens.

“The Chinese community are beginning to lose their confidence in DAP,” he claimed.

It was previously reported that Penang MCA chief Datuk Tan Teik Cheng had said the Chinese community in Penang had been neglected by DAP since the party came into power.