6 health benefits of butterfly pea flower and blue tea you’ll love

Butterfly pea blue pea flower herbal tea benefits health
Butterfly pea blue pea flower herbal tea benefits health

We’ve come a long way since the days of singular options like tea and coffee – with the choicest beverages within our reach, consumers are aiming for healthier drinks that do not affect their calorie intake or disrupt their dietary cycle. From Pinterest to Instagram, colourful teas and coffees have made their mark, both in terms of health benefits and aesthetics. One of them is the Blue Tea (Butterfly Pea Tea), which involves the familiar flower in Singapore (often used as natural colouring in kueh) being steeped in water for a healthy and beautiful drink that’s full of health benefits.

What is Butterfly pea tea?

blue tea benefits
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Commonly known as Blue Pea Tea, butterfly pea tea is currently quite the rage, be it in the form of a stunning blue colour-changing cocktail or a modest herbal tea at the wee hours of twilight. Native to Asia, this plant, also known as Clitoria ternatea, can easily be spotted by its unmistakable blue tinge that stands out among others and is quite the hit among tea enthusiasts due to its health benefits.

In the last decade, there has been a steady decline in the sale of caffeinated beverages as more and more people have steered clear of them due to their adverse effects on health. This vacuum has been filled diligently by herbal teas that have come out victorious as a more potent drink of choice that delivers the flavour; minus the caffeine, which is a win-win situation. In most cases, they’re also taken without milk or sugar, making them a benefactor for controlling blood sugar; thus, focusing on good health. It is also excellent for people who are coping with diabetes. Although the more popular ones are indefinitely jasmine, chamomile and hibiscus, butterfly pea has made quite the impression among its peers due to the many benefits that one can reap from the beverage.

One can enjoy the tea as is, in a cocktail or even in lattes (thank us later). Here’s how you can make it.


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How to make this concoction?

To make butterfly pea tea, add 1 teaspoon of the tea to a cup of hot water and let it steep for 15 minutes, before straining. Additionally, you can choose to add lemon (which will change its colour to a brilliant purple due to the presence of terminations), and honey to help with the flavour. Serve hot or over ice for best results. If consumed as a latte, use almond or coconut milk and some lavender to get a drink that could very well replace your caffeine fix in an instant. Add maple syrup for a tinge of sweetness.

Served either hot or cold, butterfly pea tea is earthy in flavour, and has raked up quite the following among health-conscious folks. There’s definitely a growing market for herbal teas and butterfly pea tea has been gaining serious momentum given its very many benefits. The tea is beneficial in terms of both health and beauty and we’ve listed some below because this is an absolute must-have in your pantry; read on for more.

Health benefits of Butterfly Pea Tea/Blue Tea

Aids in weight loss

Butterfly pea tea contains catechins, a type of phenolic compound that is antioxidant in nature and is helpful in burning fat and promoting weight loss. One can also benefit from the tea as it helps increase metabolism which in turn aids digestion. As it is a naturally occurring diuretic drink, it helps in reducing water weight and maintains blood pressure which may help in cases of heart failure.

Acts as a mood enhancer

One of the benefits of drinking butterfly pea tea is that it acts as a mood enhancer and helps reduce anxiety and stress; much like chamomile.

Helps prevent diabetes

One of the biggest benefits of consuming butterfly pea tea (Blue tea) is that it aids in preventing diabetes, one of the primary diseases in this current day and age. Studies have indicated that due to the high number of antioxidants present in tea, drinking the beverage greatly helped in reducing blood sugar and insulin levels. The antioxidants present in the butterfly pea flowers protect against cell damage and help in managing fatty liver issues and reduce cholesterol.

Helps in preventing cancer

Butterfly pea flowers are rich in anthocyanin (antioxidant) compounds called terminations, which alleviate inflammation, and they are known to prevent cancer cell growth. The butterfly tea plant contains several antioxidants, like kaempferol which is known for its cancer-fighting properties, and studies have suggested that it may kill cancer cells. Another antioxidant known as Delphinidin-3,5-glucoside is known to stimulate immune function and may cause death in colorectal cancer cells, reducing the potential chances of cancer overall.

But that is not all, other than major health benefits, butterfly pea tea has also proven beneficial for skin and hair care due to it its high antioxidant properties.

Helps as an anti-ageing agent

butterfly pea tea blue tea benefits health
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Butterfly pea tea or blue tea is beneficial for the skin as it is high in antioxidants that in turn help in anti-ageing. The skin looks more youthful and healthier as it has anti-glycation effects, which are known for combating ageing of the skin. There are flavonoids present in the tea that may stimulate collagen production which in turn keeps the skin radiant and also helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. The stress relieving factor in the tea massively helps in keeping the skin plump and hydrated.

Promotes healthy scalp

Butterfly pea tea is not only beneficial for the skin but it is also extremely helpful when it comes to hair care. The plant contains a compound known as anthocyanin that is known to increase blood circulation in the head; therefore, maintaining a healthy scalp and strengthening hair follicles from within; allowing the hair to grow stronger, and preventing brittle hair and split ends.

Butterfly pea tea clearly has plenty more benefits than not and helps with the overall health of an individual, however, it is important to consult the doctor if one has an underlying medical condition.

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