6-year-old who died in van laid to rest; It was driver's first day at work


KUALA LUMPUR: Six-year-old Muhammad Iqram Danish, who died after being trapped in a daycare van for three hours, was laid to rest on Friday evening at a Muslim cemetery in Subang Jaya.

His grieving mother, Jumrah Tamrin, 38, said the funeral was conducted after a post-mortem was carried out at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

“After the procedure, his remains were bathed and shrouded at the hospital for burial at Tanah Perkuburan Islam USJ 21,” said the mother of one other child.

“I have come to terms with the incident and can only pray for his peace,” she added.

Iqram, who was accidentally left unattended for three hours in a daycare van under the hot sun, died of heatstroke on Friday.

The boy, who had been picked up from his house in Bandar Country Homes, Rawang, was being driven to fardhu ain class with three other children, at 2pm.

When they reached the kindergarten premises, all the kids alighted, with the exception of Iqram, who had fallen asleep in the back seat.

Jumrah said the driver of the van, a 21-year-old man, was unaware that Iqram was not with the other three children when they got out of the van.

He drove back to his home, locked up the van, and left it in its parking spot. The driver only discovered Iqram in the vehicle as he prepared to fetch the kids at 5pm.

It is learnt that Iqram was still conscious when discovered by the driver, but was too weak to even ask for help.

Jumrah revealed that she was notified by the driver’s boss that he was a replacement driver, and it was his first day at work.

The man is currently on remand for seven days since Friday.