6 steps to nailing the perfect 7 second pitch

Jana Redzuan
6 steps to nailing the perfect 7 second pitch

The first 7 seconds are crucial when you start pitching your idea in front of potential investors

First impression counts, so never be too stingy on how you look. Don’t expect the investors to take you seriously when you’re wearing khaki pants, showing off your hairy legs and start talking about revolutionary Medical Apps. True story.

Never heard of the seven second rule? Only because it’s basically a trade secret in the marketing world.

It only takes 7 seconds to possibly secure the possibility of a funding and the rest is history. You can be the founder and the brains of it all but if you don’t have the necessary skills or charisma to “sell” your idea within the first few slides, it can all end in one day. If you’re not confident enough, get someone who has impeccable speech qualities to present.

It may be possible that your future depends on this exceptional human being. They are just BORN with it you see? You’re the brains of the company but he/she is the soul of your business. The core fundamentals and values of your company transcends from this amazing, charismatic, soulful being.

That person can bring music to the investor’s ears and color to their lives. In the marketing world, we call them Brand Ambassadors.

Every one of us is judgmental in one way or other because we are sceptics. Investors want to know everything! The risks, the people, the profits, etc. It could be a great idea to you but your idea may not be that great to others.

Here are some tips to ace that pitch with the 7 second rule:

1. Positive Vibes

Create the energy. Conquer the room with your positive energy. Stand straight and hold the mic firmly. The best way to start a great pitch is just a simple and kind greeting to everyone in the room with a nice smile.

“Hello! Hi! We are…..”

2. Look at the judges, but don’t forget your audience too

If you have a panel and an audience, remember to always scan the room. Body language is important in demanding attention. You want to acknowledge their presence too. The panel may not buy your idea but one of those audience may be some billionaire you don’t want to miss.

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3. Clear Pronunciation

Having the right pronunciation is vital to presenting. Blabbing away and not using the correct pauses may also confuse your audience. WHAT are you talking about? WHY should they give a damn? Give them a breather with your pauses and let them absorb the information you have to get a clear judgement on your million dollar idea.

4. Confidence is key

If you’re not confident in speaking in front of people, why should they be confident in you? Think about it, you have this golden opportunity to gain millions of dollars of investment, you’ve come thus far and you are changing the world one step at a time. No doubt confidence takes time to build especially for socially awkward people, but don’t fret! There are many courses out there to upgrade your presentation skills. Invest in YOU before expecting someone else to.

5. Elevator Pitching

The most feared sound, the DING! 1 minute left to pitch, and you’re not even halfway through. What do you do? That is why the first 7 seconds plays a crucial role in your whole pitch – Your MAIN objective. After 3 slides or so, all you need to do is rehash, rehash, rehash. Talk about facts and figures. End it with your main objective. Remind them why they NEED to invest in your idea.

6. Use hand gestures

Why does Barack Obama use hand gestures often through his speeches? It’s to drive the point forward. When you master the act of hand gestures in speeches, you’ll be surprised at the effect it does to your audience. Their ears may be listening but their eyes are scrutinizing your every word. Ignite their senses to captivate them and make your pitch memorable.

Use these tips to get yourself forward and rule the world … eventually.


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