6 ways B2B companies can use social media to communicate with potential customers

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6 ways B2B companies can use social media to communicate with potential customers

Meet your customers where they are

Question: What’s one way B2B companies can use social media to communicate with potential customers?

Create valuable content

“Most social networks allow you to tag other accounts. Create content that is valuable to a prospect and tag them. This is a great way to show them that you exist. This technique is most effective if you can show off your company’s skills and what you can do for your prospect with the content you share.”

– Andrew Namminga (@andesign_), Andesign

Provide them with the value they need

“As a B2B, there are a variety of ways to communicate and appeal to current and potential customers. Unlike B2C, your social media may not be full of viral posts, but it is still important to ‘humanise your brand’ and offer a personal, creative appeal. Create content such as e-books, videos and articles that are full of valuable information specific to the needs of your target audience.”

– David Tomas (@davidtomas), Cyberclick

Network and broadcast company news

“Word of mouth can be a powerful tool. Social media can help you create a strong network of influencers and top organisations to position yourself as an expert and influencer in your industry. You can also broadcast exciting company news, participate in industry/charity events, and write articles or blog posts that provide potential customers insight into why they should want to work with your company.”

– Andrew Kucheriavy (@ky4ep), Intechnic

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Humanise and relate breaking news to your brand

“B2B companies should create and share content that humanises their brand on social media. It is most effective if the content tells a story that supports your brand and shares something about the company values/mission. Figure out a way to make breaking news relate to your brand and then create media that supports the message. The news grows quickly on social media and can spotlight your brand.”

– Peter Boyd (@paperstreet), PaperStreet Web Design

Create trust

“Ever research a restaurant or business’s Facebook page to see how active they are as a way to determine the quality of their product/service? This is a very common research step these days that many businesses fail to comprehend. Having social media pages isn’t enough. They must be used as a platform for building trust and backing up your UVP — or the potential customer will move on.”

– Wesley Mathews (@wmathews1981), High Level Marketing

Use surveys to reach out

“Since social media is designed around sharing opinions, it’s a good idea to leverage this intent through the use of surveys to reach out and communicate with new customers. Not only do you get the benefit of collecting intelligence on what potential customers really want, but you also have a list of names and contact information to share evidence that you can fuflill their desires.”

– Murray Newlands (@murraynewlands), ChattyPeople

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