6-year-old is a 'scammer in the making' after she secretly orders $350 worth of toys off Amazon

6-year-old Caitlin stands next to her haul of toys after her mother left her unattended with her Amazon account. (Photo: Ria Diyaolu via Twitter)

Like their first smile, their first steps, their first laugh — a child’s first scam is something a parent will cherish forever. In most cases, a kid’s first scam is entirely amateur, albeit adorable, like stealing cookies from the cookie jar, secretly staying up late to watch a scary movie, or maybe even hiding something they broke and feigning innocence when asked where it went.

Six-year-old Caitlin, though? She’s a pro already, and it’s almost intimidating. If she’s pulling off scams at this level, it’s only a matter of time before they’re basing an Ocean’s 8 sequel on one of her jobs.

For her birthday, Caitlin was allowed to order a Barbie doll using her mother’s Amazon account. Under supervision, she did just that. However, later, she asked her mom if she could return to the website to track her package. This is when Caitlin presumably discovered the joys of the “add to cart” button and “one-day delivery” option.

The next day, boxes upon boxes arrived outside Caitlin’s home in Utah.

Caitlin’s older cousin Ria Diyaolu told BuzzFeed, “Her mom went on her Amazon account and saw three pages of things she had ordered.”

Caitlin, on a shopping spree that would make any kindergartner green with envy, purchased $350 worth of toys, video games, and board games.

According to Ria, Caitlin was not grounded — but all the toys, except the Barbie doll, were returned to Amazon.

Twitter users commented that Caitlin’s mother wasn’t alone in raising a fellow scammer.

One mentioned that her son racked up a $473 bill on toys … and a white comforter. Why a white comforter?

So he could sleep in his newly purchased bounce house, of course.

Meanwhile, sometimes the whole neighborhood can benefit from children knowing how to log into their parent’s Amazon account.

Wonder what that 10-year-old’s obsession with dishwashing soap was.

Diyaolu did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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