66 details you probably missed in the 'Twilight' movies

  • "The Twilight Saga" films are full of hidden details even the most dedicated fans may have missed.

  • There are a few physical character transformations throughout, including Jacob, Bella, and Victoria.

  • The four iconic book covers were played out in their corresponding films.

No one seems to be driving the truck Bella and Charlie stop for.

twlight 1
In "Twilight," a large truck rolls through an intersection, but no driver is visible.Summit Entertainment

In "Twilight," when Charlie first drives his daughter, Bella, into Forks, he pauses at an intersection and a large blue truck passes by.

This seems like a fairly normal moment, but viewers paying close attention may notice that there isn't a visible driver in the truck, so it appears to be driving itself.

Forks High School is based on an actual school, and the film even used its real mascot and colors.

twilight 2
Bella attends Forks High School in the series.Summit Entertainment

Throughout the first three films, there are several scenes set at Bella's school, Forks High School, which was based on a real institution in Forks, Washington — even though the movies weren't shot there.

Just like the real-life high school, Forks High School's colors in the "Twilight" series are blue and gold and its mascot is the Spartans, based on a few scenes in the gym and around the building.

Bella's classmate, Mike, is even shown wearing a blue-and-gold letterman jacket with a large "F" on the front that was lent to the production by the actual school.

During the cafeteria scene, Edward reacts to the realization that he can't read Bella's thoughts.

twilight 3
Edward has the power to read minds.Summit Entertainment

The first time Bella sees Edward is when the Cullens walk into the school cafeteria for lunch.

While Jessica and Angela are explaining who the Cullens are, Edward is smirking — which makes sense since vampires have enhanced hearing and Edward can read minds, so he knows what they're talking about. Once Bella looks over at his table, Edward's eyebrows narrow, Alice glances at him worriedly, and they both seem confused.

These simple facial movements appear to be Edward's real-time reaction to realizing he can't read Bella's thoughts, which viewers find out later in the film.

Emmett has a bag full of eggs in the cafeteria scene even though vampires don't eat.

twilight emmett eggs table detail
Emmett Cullen had a bag of eggs in a "Twilight" scene.Summit Entertainment

When the Cullens enter the school cafeteria for the first time, Emmett is carrying a plastic bag full of hard-boiled eggs.

The vampires don't eat real food, so he never does anything with the eggs, and most fans didn't even notice them until a TikTok pointed them out in April.

Director Catherine Hardwicke told Insider's Olivia Singh that actor Kellan Lutz actually inspired the quirky detail by bringing a dozen hard-boiled eggs to the set as his meal.

"I was just laughing so hard," Hardwicke said. "I'm like, 'OK, [Emmett] has to have those eggs. You have to carry that in that scene,' because it was just outrageous."

The Cullens all wear jewelry that features their family crest, which isn't in the books.

twilight 4
Rosalie and Alice both wear necklaces with the family crest.Summit Entertainment

Each member of the Cullen family has a piece of jewelry featuring the same symbol. This isn't in the books, and it's never fully explained in the movies, but the symbol is largely agreed to be the Cullen-family crest.

In a few of the films, Edward, Emmett, Esme, and Jasper all wear the crest on a bracelet, Carlisle has the crest on a ring, and Rosalie and Alice both have it on their necklaces.

Bella just pretends to put ketchup on her burger at the diner.

bella holding a ketchup bottle over a burger at the diner in twilight
No ketchup comes out of the bottle.Summit Entertainment

When Bella goes to the diner with Charlie, she orders a burger and fries. But when she goes to put ketchup on her plate, she merely lightly shakes the squeeze bottle a couple of times and puts it back down.

It's very clear that no actual ketchup comes out.

During a scene where Bella falls, Kristen Stewart seems to be wearing knee pads.

twilight 5ab
Kristen Stewart played Bella in "The Twilight Saga."Summit Entertainment

There are several moments throughout "The Twilight Saga" that show how clumsy Bella is.

One such moment shows her slipping on ice when she's walking outside, and during this scene, the knee pads actress Kristen Stewart seems to be wearing for the "stunt" are rather noticeable under her skinny jeans.

In the scene, Bella falls on her butt — not her knees.

Bella and Edward win the golden onion in biology.

twilight 6
Their biology teacher gives them a golden onion.Summit Entertainment

During the first biology lesson that Edward and Bella talk to each other in "Twilight," they're working on studying onion cells under a microscope. The teacher announces that the first group to correctly complete the assignment will win "a golden onion," which actually looks like a spray-painted vegetable.

After the classroom scene, Bella is holding said onion prize as they walk down the hallway, which apparently means they won the challenge even though it's never mentioned.

Edward holds an apple during the film to recreate the "Twilight" book cover.

twilight 7
The films' make a point of recreating the books' cover art.Amazon; Summit Entertainment

While talking to Edward in the cafeteria, Bella drops an apple. When Edward catches it, the camera lingers in a close-up shot of his hands cradling the red apple.

This moment mimics the image on the "Twilight" book cover, which shows a red apple being held in two hands.

James has a tattoo in the movie despite the fact that he's a vampire with diamond-hard skin.

twilight 8
Cam Gigandet as James in "Twilight."Summit Entertainment

James' appearance in the first film is fairly different from how he's described in the book. For example, the movie show James with blonde rather than light-brown hair.

However, in addition to these understandable minor changes, the fact that James has a visible tattoo seems like a mistake.

Vampires in the "Twilight" universe only seem to scar when they are bit by other vampires, so a vampire having a tattoo should be impossible as their skin would heal from any needle capable of penetrating it.

When Bella is turned at the end of the series, her human scars disappear, so it also doesn't seem like this could've been left over from before he was a vampire.

James' visible ink is the actual tattoo of the actor portraying him, Cam Gigandet, but it perhaps should've been covered up for the film to avoid confusion.

Apotamkin are from a real Indigenous American legend, but they aren't synonymous with vampires.

twilight 9
Bella does research on vampires in "Twilight."Summit Entertainment

When Bella is researching vampires, she sees a result for "The cold one: Apotamkin."

Apotamkin are creatures from real Indigenous American legends, but they aren't described as vampires. Instead, the actual legend describes them as a type of sea serpent with fangs.

There's a door that leads to nowhere in Edward's room.

arrow pointing to open door in edward's room in twilight
The room is on the second floor, so it seems kind of dangerous.Summit Entertainment

When Edward shows Bella his room, they only discuss the lack of a bed — which he doesn't need because vampires don't sleep.

But the other odd feature of the room is the set of open double doors that don't lead anywhere. The room is on the second floor, but there isn't a terrace or deck on the other side of the doors.

Victoria stole the shirt of the man she killed with James and Laurent.

arrow connecting photos of two character wearing the same shirt in twilight
The shirt says, "Kiss Me I'm Irish."Summit Entertainment

When Victoria, James, and Laurent kill Waylon on his boat, he's wearing a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt.

In Victoria's next scene, she's wearing an altered version of the shirt under her furry jacket.

When Edward is in the sunny meadow, his face is sparkly but his hands are not.

twilight 11
The sun appears to be shining in a very specific spot of the meadow.Summit Entertainment

In the "Twilight" universe, vampire skin sparkles in the sunlight, so when Edward is lying with Bella in the sunny meadow, his face goes all glittery.

However, his hands are also exposed — and even though the film makes it look like there is only one ray of sunlight shining down, they are in a shadeless meadow — so they should probably be sparkling too.

Bella wears the same ring and bracelets throughout several movies.

twilight 12
Bella seems to have a few pieces of signature jewelry.Summit Entertainment

Bella wears a thick, dark bracelet on her left wrist in "Twilight." She also has a ring that she wears on her right pointer finger and another bracelet on her right wrist.

All three pieces of jewelry can also be spotted on Bella during the later films in the series.

According to "Twilight: Director's Notebook," Hardwicke wore an identical $2 "saints" bracelet to Bella every shoot day, and the character wore it in all but three scenes of the first film.

The Cullens' house has several features that aren't actually necessary for vampires.

twilight 13
Vampires don't need a fully functioning kitchen.Summit Entertainment

When Bella first visits the Cullens' house, they mention that the kitchen had never been used before since vampires don't need to eat food. However, despite not needing the room at all, when they go to make her dinner for Bella, they have all the necessary gadgets and housewares at the ready.

There is also a working fireplace, which we see lit in "Breaking Dawn – Part 1" — another seemingly impractical home feature since vampires don't need temperature control like humans do.

Robert Pattinson is actually playing the piano in one of the first movie's most memorable scenes.

twilight 14
Robert Pattinson played Edward in "The Twilight Saga."Summit Entertainment

Edward plays the piano for Bella when she first visits his house, and the intimate scene is one of the most popular in the series.

But fans may not have realized that actor Robert Pattinson is actually playing the piano, and he does it again during "Breaking Dawn – Part 2" when he plays a lullaby for his character's daughter.

Pattinson also has two original songs on the "Twilight" movie soundtrack.

Bella and her father sit in the same booth both times they go to the diner in "Twilight."

twilight 15
Charlie and Bella eat at a diner in the first film.Summit Entertainment

At the beginning of the first movie, it's stated that Charlie gets the same dessert at the diner each Thursday, so it's not that surprising that he also seems to have a regular booth.

Bella and Charlie sit in the same corner booth both times they visit the diner in the film.

Meyer makes a cameo in one of the diner scenes.

stephenie meyer twilight
Stephenie Meyer is the author of the "Twilight" book series.Summit Entertainment

In one of the diner scenes when Charlie and Bella meet up for dinner, the book series' author, Meyer, makes a cameo.

She's seen sitting at the counter working on her laptop.

It's unclear if vampires have reflections throughout "The Twilight Saga."

twilight 16
In one scene, Edward appears in a mirror, but in another, he doesn'tSummit Entertainment

At the end of the first movie, Edward fights James in a dance studio full of mirrors.

During this scene, both vampires have clear reflections in the mirrors around them. However, during the opening of "New Moon," Edward doesn't have a reflection when he stands in front of a mirror in Bella's dream.

As she discusses with Edward, Bella's dream is about her fear of growing old while Edward will always be the same age. Since it was already established that vampires in the "Twilight" universe do have reflections, Edward's lack of a reflection in the dream sequence could be an error.

Victoria can be seen at the school dance before her grand reveal.

twilight 17
Rachelle Lefevre played Victoria in "Twilight" and "New Moon."Summit Entertainment

When Bella and Edward first walk into the dance at the end of "Twilight," Victoria is actually standing by the entrance.

The villainous vampire isn't revealed until the very end of the movie, when viewers see her standing above the dancing couple, but the inclusion of her in the entryway scene shows that she was actually at the dance the entire time.

Edward talks about the Volturi in public, despite knowing how seriously the society takes its secrecy.

twilight 19a
The Volturi end up clashing with the Cullens.Summit Entertainment

The Volturi are an elite society of powerful vampires that enforce rules for other vampires to live by. They help keep the existence of vampires a secret from humans and end up becoming a major part of the series.

Edward knows how seriously the Volturi take the secrecy — and that they would kill him if he publicly revealed the existence of vampires — however, the first time he talks to Bella about the Volturi is while they are watching a movie in a classroom full of fellow students.

This seems like an unnecessary risk given that anyone in the classroom could have overheard their conversation, and Edward could have waited to talk to Bella about the Volturi until they were alone.

The dream catcher Jacob gives Bella can be seen hanging from her bed in several movies.

twilight slide 20
Bella keeps the dream catcher throughout the series.Summit Entertainment

Jacob gives Bella a dream catcher for her birthday in "New Moon," and she hangs it on her bed, where it can be seen throughout the rest of the movie.

Hawk-eyed viewers can also spot the dreamcatcher hanging from the same spot on her bed in "Eclipse."

Vampires show up in pictures in the "Twilight" series.

twilight 21
A lot of vampire legends contradict this.Summit Entertainment

During the birthday party she throws for Bella in "New Moon," Alice uses Bella's camera to take a picture of Edward and Bella, suggesting that vampires can appear in pictures in the "Twilight" universe.

This is confirmed when Bella prints out the pictures and Edward is clearly visible — this contradicts many vampire myths that claim the creatures can't be caught on film.

The Cullens' piano is destroyed in "New Moon," but it's replaced before "Breaking Dawn – Part 2."

twilight 22
Edward plays the piano again in the final film.Summit Entertainment

In "New Moon," while the family is preventing Jasper from attacking Bella, the Cullens' piano is destroyed. But the piano is back in the same spot in perfect shape by the last movie.

The blood and gauze Carlisle sets on fire resemble the art on the "New Moon" book cover.

twilight 23
There was a creative interpretation of the book's cover art in "New Moon."Amazon; Summit Entertainment

As Carlisle tends to the cut on Bella's arm after Jasper's outburst, he drops the used gauze into a bowl. When he is finished treating her, he sets the bloody gauze on fire, likely to remove the scent of blood for the other vampires in the house.

The camera lingers on this bowl, and the blood and gauze seem to resemble the red-and-white tulip on the cover of the "New Moon" book.

Edward alludes to being damned in the first movie.

twilight 24
There are vague discussions about religion in the series.Summit Entertainment

Bella has a conversation about the fate of vampires when Carlisle is tending to her injured arm in "New Moon," and in the same film, Edward explains that the main reason he doesn't want to turn Bella into a vampire is because he doesn't want to damn her.

But that's not the first time he's referenced these beliefs.

In "Twilight," after driving Bella to school, Edward alludes to his own damnation when he says, "I'm breaking all the rules now anyway, since I'm going to hell."

When Bella prints the picture of her and Edward, her screen shows pictures of her other friends too.

twilight 25
Bella takes pictures of her school friends with her new camera.Summit Entertainment

Charlie gives Bella a camera for her birthday, which Bella brings to school with her, presumably to take pictures of her friends. This is the same camera that Alice later uses to photograph Bella and Edward at her birthday party.

After the party, when Bella prints out the picture Alice took of her and Edward, her computer screen shows pictures of other characters too, like Eric and Jessica.

The Cullens and Bella both seem to use iCloud emails.

twilight 26
The email addresses are shown during a scene in "New Moon."Summit Entertainment

When Bella attempts to email Alice after the Cullens move away in "New Moon," she addresses the emails to acullen@me.com, and her own address is bella.wa@me.com.

These email addresses, ending in me.com, are acceptable iCloud formats, and as Bella is sending out the email, the camera pulls back enough to show that her computer is a Mac as well.

Jacob has a wolf paw print on the back of his shirt before he's a werewolf.

twilight 28
The paw print foreshadows his future as a werewolf.Summit Entertainment

In "New Moon," Jacob and Bella fix up old motorcycles together to distract her from Edward leaving.

During one of the bike-fixing scenes, there is a faint wolf paw print on the bottom part of Jacob's shirt — most likely a sly bit of foreshadowing since Jacob turns into a werewolf a little later in the film.

In "New Moon," the school cafeteria provides glass cups, real plates, and metal utensils.

twilight 29
It's fancier than most high-school lunch rooms.Summit Entertainment

Most cafeteria scenes in movies show characters drinking out of disposable containers and eating with plastic utensils, which is also what many real high-school lunch experiences are like.

In "New Moon," however, Bella's friends are drinking out of glasses and appear to be using real bowls, plates, and utensils.

In addition to being a little unrealistic for a small-town public high school, the students in the lunch scenes from the first movie don't use this fine-dining ware.

There are posters for fake films at the movie theater.

twilight 30
Bella, Jacob, and Mike see a movie together in "New Moon."Summit Entertainment

When Bella goes to the movies with Mike and Jacob in "New Moon," they see "Face Punch." Mike had also previously asked Bella if she wanted to see a romantic comedy called "Love Spelled Backwards is Love."

According to director Chris Weitz, both of these titles were made up for the film, and the design team even created fake posters for the background of the scenes.

Charlie drinks the same brand of beer a few times, and it's actually made in Washington.

twilight 31
Charlie can be seen drinking Rainier beer in a few scenes.Summit Entertainment

When Billy and Jacob visit Bella's house in "Twilight," Billy brings beer that Charlie calls "Vitamin R."  Charlie drinks the same beer with a red R logo every time he's shown drinking alcohol throughout the series.

The brand is actually Rainier beer, a Seattle-based brewing company, which makes sense since the film takes place in Washington.

Bella's foot is missing from a scene.

twilight 33
Bella's foot seems to have been accidentally removed from a scene in the meadow.Summit Entertainment

During a flashback sequence in "New Moon" that shows Edward and Bella in the same meadow from "Twilight," her left foot is missing.

Her right foot is clearly visible, and her left leg is fully there, but the space where her foot should be is empty save for the grass in the field.

Jacob doesn't need to wear a jacket on the beach once he becomes a werewolf.

twilight 34
Bella wears a jacket in both scenes, but Jacob ditches his once he's a werewolf.Summit Entertainment

When Bella first goes to La Push, Washington, with her friends in "Twilight," she and Jacob are both bundled up in jackets as they walk along the beach. However, after Jacob becomes a werewolf in "New Moon," he walks on the same beach in just a T-shirt — even though Bella is still wearing a jacket.

Jacob later explains that werewolves have a higher body temperature and don't get cold as easily as humans.

Victoria's hair color changes throughout the series, and so does the actress who portrays her.

twilight 35
Bryce Dallas Howard took over as Victoria in "Eclipse."Summit Entertainment

In "Twilight," Victoria has blonde hair, but in"New Moon," her hair is instead a very vivid red-ish orange. Her hair color changes again in the third movie to a more muted auburn, however, that may be due to the fact that a completely different actress portrayed the role in "Eclipse."

New actress aside, the red hair color more closely aligns with how Victoria was described in the books.

Bella's arm has a bite-mark scar from the first movie.

twilight 36
Bella's scar is still visible in later films.Summit Entertainment

James, the tracker vampire that hunts her in the first movie, bites Bella on her right arm during the big fight scene. Edward stops the venom from turning her into a vampire, but the bite still scars Bella.

The bite mark can be seen on her arm throughout the series until she becomes a vampire herself.

Alice travels by plane in broad daylight without any apparent issues.

twilight 37
The vampires can't be seen in public when it's sunny.Summit Entertainment

When Alice and Bella realize that Edward is going to attempt to force the Volturi to kill him, they both take a plane to Italy to try to stop him.

We don't actually see the pair on the plane, but we do see their conversation in the car on the way to the airport followed by a shot of a plane taking off. By the next scene, they're in Italy.

The plane is clearly traveling during the daytime, so Alice's vampire skin would have been sparkling noticeably, but neither Bella nor Alice discuss this at all.

The festival that Bella and Alice drive through is based on a real Italian tradition.

twilight 38
The Feast of St. Mark is celebrated in Italy every April.Summit Entertainment

A "St. Marcus Day" festival is well underway when Bella and Alice arrive in Italy, and Alice explains that the festival is the celebration of the "expulsion of vampires from the city."

Although that's a made-up holiday, some Italians do celebrate the Feast of St. Mark, known as La Festa di San Marco, which commemorates the death of the Catholic saint — and doesn't have anything to do with vampires.

A child sees Edward's skin sparkle when he attempts to reveal himself as a vampire, but there aren't any consequences.

twilight 39
He plans to walk in the sun in front of all the people at the festival.Summit Entertainment

Edward plans on removing his shirt at noon during the Italian festival, knowing that the Volturi will kill him for publicly revealing himself as a vampire in front of so many human witnesses.

Bella reaches Edward before he can fully step out into the sunlight, but by the time she stops him, he is already shirtless and sparkling where he's standing. A child sees this and tugs on someone's robe to show them, but we never see if the adult notices Edward.

Even if no one but the child saw Edward sparkle, and the child never told anyone, it still seems odd that the movie made a point of showing us that Edward's stunt was noticed without this actually having any consequences.

Bella correctly predicts that people will assume she is getting married so young because she is pregnant.

twilight 40
Her school friends make the assumption at her wedding.Summit Entertainment

While discussing marriage with Edward at the beginning of "Eclipse," Bella is at first opposed to the idea. She tells Edward that people will assume that they're getting married so young because she's pregnant.

During her wedding in "Breaking Dawn – Part 1," Bella's classmates prove her right.

Jessica asks Angela if she thinks Bella will be "showing" and when Angela says that Bella isn't pregnant, Jessica asks, "Who else gets married at 18?"

Bella has a wolf painting in her bedroom.

twilight 41
The painting may have something to do with her relationship with Jacob.Summit Entertainment

There is a wolf painting next to the door inside Bella's bedroom that's noticeable several times throughout the first three movies.

The painting is probably a subtle foreshadowing of the existence of werewolves in the "Twilight" universe and Bella's connection to Jacob, but it could also just be standard Pacific Northwest home decor.

We don't get to know what the gift Bella cut her hand opening in "New Moon" is until the next movie.

twilight 43
They added the scene to the end of the "New Moon" movie as a cliffhanger.Summit Entertainment

Bella gets a paper cut while opening a gift from Esme and Carlisle in the "New Moon" movie. Since the blood from her cut causes Jasper to try and attack her, viewers never get to see what the gift is.

In "Eclipse," Edward reminds Bella about the plane tickets his "parents" got for her birthday, which she and Edward use to visit her mother, so that's apparently what was in the gift from the previous film.

Bella only discusses her college options in one movie scene.

twilight 44
Bella doesn't seem all that concerned about what she's going to tell her parents.Summit Entertainment

When Bella visits her mom in "Eclipse," she tells her that she is considering going to the University of Alaska for college. But her actual plan for life after high school is marrying Edward and becoming a vampire.

Bella and Edward do get married, but they struggle to explain her absence while she is pregnant and a newly turned vampire.

If Bella had told her parents that she was indeed going to college somewhere, her absence could have been explained with something a bit more realistic than the "medical center in Switzerland" excuse that she ends up using.

The missing-person report about Riley Biers contradicts with Charlie's notes.

twilight 45
They differ on what the victim was wearing when he was last seen.Summit Entertainment

Riley, a teenager from Forks, goes missing at the beginning of "Eclipse," and we later find out that he was actually turned into a vampire and forced to join Victoria's army.

When Charlie is going over his case notes in the kitchen, viewers can also clearly see the missing-person poster that was hung around town. According to Charlie's notes, Riley was last seen wearing a gray shirt, something green, a brown trench coat, and brown boots.

However, the missing-person poster states that Riley was wearing blue jeans, a light-colored T-shirt, and black shoes.

Bella appears to be wearing the bracelet Jacob gave her when Edward proposes.

twilight 46
The bracelet has a wolf charm on it.Summit Entertainment

For graduation, Jacob gives Bella a bracelet with a wolf charm that he made. Edward first notices this on Bella's wrist when they are going to meet with the werewolves to practice fighting, but that's not the only time it's visible.

When Edward presents Bella with her engagement ring, she appears to be wearing the wolf bracelet on her right wrist.

Each member of the wolf pack has a distinct look, which makes Jacob easy to identify.

twilight 47
Some of the werewolves have different-colored coats.Summit Entertainment

Most of the werewolves we see have similar dark-gray coats and are about the same size. However, the wolves who have more important roles are easier to identify.

The leader of the pack, Sam, is a large black wolf, and Jacob's closest wolf friends, Leah and Seth, are smaller with lighter coats than the other wolves.

Jacob is the easiest to pick out, as his fur is redder than the others.

There's another book-cover scene in "Eclipse."

twilight slide
Most fans think that Bella's ribbon of blood is supposed to mimic the book cover.Amazon; Summit Entertainment

It may not be as literal as the other cover cameos, but the red-ribbon cover art from "Eclipse" is most commonly associated with the ribbon of blood that flows down Bella's arm when she's trying to distract Victoria and Reily from killing Edward and Jacob during the film's big fight scene.

When vampires are injured during the fight scene, their bodies shatter like ice.

twilight 48
Vampires can only be killed by dismembering and burning them.Summit Entertainment

From the very first movie, it is established that vampires have very cold skin.

In "Eclipse," it's shown that their bodies crack like ice when they are killed, and the sound effects used when Edward attacks Victoria also sound like shattering ice.

Meyer wrote a whole separate novella for Bree Tanner from "Eclipse."

twilight 49
Bree is the protagonist of "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner."Summit Entertainment

Bree Tanner is one of the vampires created to form Victoria's army. She appears to be younger than others in the army, and the movie shows a small glimpse into her vampire life. The Cullens, seeing that she is young and not a threat, offer to help her rather than kill her during the battle, but the Volturi kill Bree right when they arrive.

Although she's only featured in a few scenes in "Eclipse," Bree Tanner is actually the protagonist of Meyer's novella "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner," which was released just before the third movie premiered.

Bella has a dog painting by her bed.

twilight 50
Bella has a lot of canine-themed decorations.Summit Entertainment

In addition to the wolf art, Bella has a painting of a dog to the left of her bed that can be seen throughout the film series.

The painting is of a black-and-white dog and looks like it could be handmade, but Bella never mentions having/wanting a dog or possessing any sort of artistic skill.

Edward's flashback seems to be set in the 1930s.

twilight 51
Edward was probably turned in the 1930s.Summit Entertainment

Edward's flashback to when he used to drink human blood shows him watching a movie in a large theater. The theater appears to be playing a black-and-white adaptation of "Frankenstein," which is likely the 1931 film version.

The shots of this movie, and of the clothing that the moviegoers are wearing, seem to confirm that Edward was drinking human blood sometime in the 1930s.

The only time Edward is shown with red eyes is during a flashback scene.

twilight 52
Vampires get red eyes when they are hunting human blood.Summit Entertainment

Since the Cullens drink animal blood rather than feeding off of humans, their eyes are amber or brown instead of red like James and Victoria's eyes.

The only time Edward is shown with red eyes is during the same flashback in the first part of "Breaking Dawn – Part 1." As he explains to Bella, he was still feeding off of humans at the time.

We see Bella in two different wedding dresses.

twilight 53
Bella and Edward get married in "Breaking Dawn – Part 1."Summit Entertainment

The wedding dress that Bella wears during the nightmare wedding sequence is different from the one for her actual ceremony.

During the nightmare, Bella's wedding dress is sleeveless with a sweetheart neckline and a thin ribbon around her waist. Her real wedding dress, however, has long sleeves and a satin bodice.

The vampires the Cullens invite to the wedding all have amber eyes.

twilight 54
The Cullens associate with other vampires who don't drink human blood.Summit Entertainment

All the vampire guests at Bella and Edward's wedding have amber eyes like the Cullens, which shows that they also don't feed on human blood.

Bella totally misses her toothbrush while applying toothpaste on her honeymoon.

twilight toothpaste
Bella seems nervous and distracted as she's getting ready for bed.Summit Entertainment

After Bella and Edward arrive at the house they're staying at for their honeymoon, she heads to the bathroom to freshen up before bed.

She seems nervous and distracted the whole time, probably because she's thinking about wedding-night activities with her new vampire husband, and she ends up squirting a ton of toothpaste into the sink.

She doesn't even get any on the brush, however, when the shot cuts away and cuts back to her running her toothbrush under the sink, there is a respectable amount of paste on it.

Edward and Bella play chess during their honeymoon using a set that looks like the one on the "Breaking Dawn" book cover.

twilight 56
The final book-cover cameo comes in "Breaking Dawn – Part 1."Amazon; Summit Entertainment

Edward and Bella spend time playing chess during their honeymoon as part of Edward's attempt to distract Bella from wanting to engage in more intimate activities that may leave her injured due to his vampire strength.

The chessboard that the two play with is black and white with red-and-white pieces just like the "Breaking Dawn" book cover.

Jacob's eyes are different colors in his human and wolf forms.

twilight 57
There are a lot of eye-color changes in "The Twilight Saga."Summit Entertainment

Jacob's eyes are brown when he's in his human form, but he seems to have lighter eyes when he's a werewolf.

Stewart's body was digitally altered for Bella's emaciated pregnancy look.

twilight 58
They used CGI to make her look sickly.Summit Entertainment

When Bella is pregnant with Edward's vampire child, she becomes very sick. She loses weight, is unable to keep food down, and eventually needs to start drinking blood to stay alive.

Makeup and special effects were both used in order to achieve Bella's emaciated pregnancy look, so Stewart didn't have to lose any weight for the role, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bella refers to her child as a boy during her pregnancy.

twilight 59
Bella thinks of a name for if her child is a boy.Summit Entertainment

The entire time that Bella is pregnant, she and the rest of the Cullens refer to the unborn child as a son, even though they don't know the gender of the child yet. Despite this, Bella still thinks of two different name options for her child.

She decides that if she were to have a son, she would name him EJ, for Edward Jacob. For the daughter she ends up having, she combines her and Edward's mother's names (Renee and Esme) to create Renesmee.

Though werewolves' clothes rip when they transform, there is only one scene in the series where a werewolf strips naked before transforming.

twilight 61
The werewolves must go through a lot of clothing.Summit Entertainment

Characters transform from their human to werewolves forms multiple times throughout the movies, and each time their clothing gets ripped to shreds — which seems to explain why so many of the werewolves tend to run around shirtless.

In fact, the only time we see a werewolf strip naked before transforming in the movies is when Jacob does it in front of Charlie in "Breaking Dawn – Part 2."

Though this is practical since he can change back into the clothes quickly when he transforms back into a human, it just highlights that they haven't been saving their clothes from certain ruin throughout the rest of the series.

The Cullens buy Edward and Bella their own house, even though they plan on leaving Forks.

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The Cullens obviously have a lot of money.Summit Entertainment

All of the Cullens live in one house together, but once Bella is turned into a vampire, she is given her own house. This is presumably done with the intention of giving her and Edward some private newlywed time together, but by the time they get the house, the Cullens are already planning on leaving Forks.

There doesn't seem to be a logical reason to prepare a house for Bella and Edward when they won't stay in town to use it, other than the fact that the Cullens seem to buy a lot of useless, lavish things.

The Cullens' graduation-cap art piece is visible in multiple films.

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The Cullens had all their graduation caps turned into an art piece.Summit Entertainment

During the first movie, Bella asks Edward about the unique art piece of multi-colored graduation caps, and Edward explains that the decoration is an inside joke with his family.

The Cullens don't age, and they move every few years, so they've all graduated high school several times.

Later, in "Breaking Dawn – Part 1," Charlie notices the graduation caps and points them out to Renee. Renee seems to find it amusing, calling it creative, but Charlie calls it weird.

The Volturi Coven wear their crest on necklaces in most of the movies.

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Like the Cullens, the members of the Volturi wear their crest as jewelry.Summit Entertainment

The Volturi appear to have their own crest jewelry just like the Cullens, which also wasn't in the books. Each of the main Volturi members wears a necklace with a matching pendant.

Jacob's name on the passport Jasper and Alice order for him is "Jacob Wolfe."

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The somewhat-lame inside joke is a reference to him being a werewolf.Summit Entertainment

In the final movie, Jasper and Alice devise a plan to keep Renesmee safe during the upcoming battle against the Volturi, which involves sending her away with Jacob.

Alice orders fake documents for them to use, and the name on the werewolf's passport and license is, fittingly, Jacob Wolfe.

Each movie has a slightly different filter to it.

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The lighting looks different in all the "The Twilight Saga" films.Summit Entertainment

Whether it's a nod to the specific times of day referenced in the films' titles or simply the different directors' artistic choices, "The Twilight Saga" movies all look a little different in terms of camera lighting and filters.

The first film looks very blue, the second more golden, and the third a little gray. The fourth and fifth films are the clearest of the bunch and only seem to have a slightly pearlescent tone.

The different filming filters may not be that noticeable when you're watching the movies, but they are certainly apparent when they're placed side-by-side.

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