69% Adults Have Got At Least One Dose: Where India's Covid Vaccine Drive Stands After 9 Months

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India in September completed nine months of vaccination and has so far administered 89 crore doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Under the drive, 23,87,23,405 individuals, i.e. 25.4 per cent of India's adult population and 17.5 per cent of India's total population have been fully vaccinated so far.

India has set the target of completely vaccinating all adults by December 2021. Currently, all the Covid vaccines being administered in India are two-shot and going by the data available from the health ministry, India has so far vaccinated over 69% of its adult population, or 65 crore individuals, with at least one dose of the vaccine.

India's vaccination drive has seen a rapid turnaround since July 2021. While we saw a shortage of Covid vaccines during the disastrous second Covid wave, we have seen the addition of around 5 crore more vaccines each month in August and September. September saw 23.60 crore doses administered. 18.38 crore doses were administered in August, while July saw 13.45 crore jabs

Increase of 81% since July

India had expected to vaccinate around 1 crore people daily by August. Though it failed to achieve that target last month, conditions are looking positive ahead. On August 27, India crossed the 1 crore daily vaccination milestone for the first time and since then has repeated it four other times. On September 17, over 2.15 crore people were jabbed with the Covid vaccine.

There has been a significant scale-up in daily vaccination. In July, on average, 43.41 lakh people were vaccinated every day. It went up to 59.29 lakh in August and 78.69 lakh in September, an 81 per cent jump since July.

The duration between subsequent 10 crore doses to be administered has also come down massively. While India took 85 days to reach the first 10 crore milestone, the last 10 crore doses, between 70 and 80 crore, were done in just 11 days.

No More Vaccine Shortages

The country that was once staring at an acute deficiency of vaccines is repeatedly beating its own targets now. The expected supply for June was 11.95 crore Covid vaccine doses. The month saw 11.96 crore vaccinations. A total of 13.50 crore vaccine doses were to be delivered in July. The month saw 13.45 crore jabs spread over 31 days.

In August, the expected target was 15 crore doses. The month saw 22.5% more doses administered with a final figure of 13.38 crore monthly vaccinations.

In September India was expecting 18 and 22 crore doses of the Covid vaccines to be delivered. If we go by the lower limit set in the expected target, at 18 crore, September did better than August, jumping over 31 per cent with 23.60 crore doses.

In October, India is expected to have around 27-28 crore doses of Covid vaccines, and if we go by the trend set in the last three months, India can finally touch the record of 30+ crore Covid vaccinations in a month, finally realising the milestone of administering around 1 crore people daily with Covid vaccines.

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