7 in 10 female expats eye Singapore for improved income

7 in 10 female expats eye Singapore for improved income

Over half of female expats also think it is the best for work culture and personal fulfilment.

The best Asian country for female expats to improve their earning prospects is Singapore with 71% agreeing, HSBC revealed in its Expat Explorer report. The country was followed by Hong Kong (55%), China (45%), South Korea (44%), and Vietnam (42%).

Singapore also tops the rankings for best work culture for female expats (51%), followed not too closely by Hong Kong (44%), Vietnam (43%), Indonesia (39%), and China (36%). Female expats that are also looking to find personal fulfilment at work think the best place in Asia for that is Singapore (56%), closely followed by China (48%), India (48%), Hong Kong (47%) and Indonesia (41%).

Meanwhile, Hong Kong (62%) tops the best places to acquire new skills in Asia for female expats. Singapore is a close second at 61%, China at 47%, Taiwan at 44% and Vietnam at 43%. For those female expats looking to progress their careers, China tops the list with 73% agreeing, 64% in Hong Kong, 62% in India, 60% in Singapore and 52% in Indonesia.

In terms of job security, Japan and Taiwan are rated the best at 50%, with Singapore a close second at 49% and Hong Kong following closely behind at 47%, India is placed fourth at 45% and China at 41%.

The survey revealed that the highest number of expat women in Asia are in Singapore at 18%, followed by 14% in Hong Kong, 10% in South Korea, 9% each in Japan, China, and India, and 7% in Malaysia.

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