7-Eleven reveals Ford Mustang Model 711 one-off custom car

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Calling all 7-Eleven and Mustang enthusiasts: This is the crossover you’ve been waiting for. Well, it’s not a “crossover,” but you get the point.

There is now an official 7-Eleven Ford Mustang, and 7-Eleven is planning on giving it away. Yes, we’re talking about the 7-Eleven convenience store chain that frequently appears with gas stations. Together with aftermarket company Galpin Auto Sports, it created a Mustang that is 7-Eleven-themed to the core.

The exterior features a custom wrap in the classic green, orange and red 7-Eleven colors. Cherry red neon underglow is meant to remind you of the glow of a 7-Eleven sign at night. Plus, the classic Mustang logo is replaced by an owl as a nod to 7-Eleven being a late night snack spot.

Model 711 Ford Mustang
Model 711 Ford Mustang

On the inside, the custom leather seats feature the 7-Eleven colors, and the shift knob is meant to mimic a Slurpee drink. Perhaps the wildest modification for this Mustang, though, is a bespoke snack holder that is shaped to hold a slice of pizza from 7-Eleven. You know, because what good is your Mustang if there’s nowhere to set your slice of pizza down?

The final interior touch is an air freshener designed to smell like 7-Eleven’s “OG To-Go Coffee,” so we hope your passengers like the smell of that.

“We know our customers have an affinity towards car culture, so building a one-of-a-kind car inspired by our most iconic products was a no-brainer,” said Marissa Jarratt, Executive VP and CMO at 7-Eleven.

If this wild Mustang is up your alley, 7-Eleven will be giving it away. Prospective owners can win it by either getting lucky in purchasing certain items from its stores or participating on social media. You can find all the various ways to get in on the action via this link. Unfortunately, 7-Eleven does not specify the exact spec of this Mustang, but it does say it’s a 2021 model year. Based on the exterior design alone, though, we’re pegging this as a Mustang GT with the 5.0-liter V8.

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