7 sex experiences you must try

Make-up sex

For some reason make-up sex is amazing. You’re angry, you’re fired up and you’re passionate – then it’s all forgotten and you’re jumping under the covers. Make-up sex is great because when you fight your testosterone levels rise, which makes the sex much more aggressive and intense. To make the most of this post-argument loving pull at each other’s hair and breathe heavily. Ladies, if you’ve got nails run them down your guy’s backs. Guys, you can gently bite your girl’s necks. Make sure you do these things softly first and build the aggression up though.

The stare game

Eye-locked lovers may make you want to barf, but bear with us guys – staring into each other’s eyes during sex can make your orgasms more powerful. Try to hold each other’s gaze for at least a minute, especially during the height of sex. This will make your orgasms more intense and you’ll feel intensely close to the other person. If you prefer rear entry positions then you can always put a mirror in the room and stare into one other’s eyes using the reflection. Ideally though, try to stick with face-to-face contact at least some of the time.  

7 sex experiences you must try

Food sex

If you’re a neat freak you may find food sex hard work. Your sheets will get messy, you’ll have food in your hair and you may be finding evidence of your night of passion for a few weeks after. The point is though that you loosen up and have fun. Food is very sensuous and it is often described using sexual words. Get creative with your choices – use foods with different textures, different shapes and different smells. Cream works particularly well, but you may end up throwing out your bed linen because the smell is hard to disguise. 

Closet sex

Having sex in a tight space is novel, kinky and can be very, very hot. If you can handle the slightly claustrophobic environment and focus on the new angles you are forced to twist and curl into, then you’ll soon be turned on in a totally new way. The lack of space in a closet will mean that you have to try out new positions and the darkness and novelty of the situation will get you both really excited. Just remove anything of any value beforehand as it’s not an easy space to maneuver around in and accidents may happen.

Morning sex

Want to get your day started in the best possible way? Then have sex before breakfast. Although mornings may not be your favourite time to get foxy, those love-struck couples who have sex first thing feel more upbeat and benefit from a stronger immune system. Also your sex will be better.  Most guys feel more turned on in the mornings because their testosterone levels are at their highest at night. You will also be well rested and will therefore have sex for longer and try out some more energetic positions.

Machine sex

We all know that a vibrator is a girl’s best friend, but vibrations are good for guys too. To turn the heat up in your love life pay a visit to your washing machine or tumble dryer. To begin, turn the machine on. Then the girl should bend over at a right angle over the machine, with her stomach and upper body lying flat over the top of the appliance. The guy then takes her from behind and kneels into the machine. The vibrations will rock through you both, bringing blood to those all important areas and making them much more sensitive.

Alfresco sex

There is a reason that whilst you read this 84,000 people are having sex outside; it’s incredible. You feel bad and so your adrenaline levels rise, which makes the sex frantic, frisky and fun. Remember though that although going alfresco can be spontaneous, it often isn’t as easy as it seems in the movies. Prepare a little and pack some useful props: a blanket, some tissues and a brush. Be careful too, you can get in trouble if you get caught so maybe opt for a safer option and get it on in your garden or balcony. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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