7 ultimate spring cleaning hacks the experts swear by

 Olive green traditional kitchen with a central island unit.
Olive green traditional kitchen with a central island unit.

What is it about springtime that makes us want to get out the duster and give our homes a good spring clean? There seems to be an innate desire to dust off the old and bring in the new.

As spring cleaning tips and tricks amass on TikTok, with over 200 million views, Darren Watts, showroom design director at Wren Kitchens shares his expert tips on spring cleaning the kitchen to get it sparkling this spring and explains why we get caught by the spring cleaning bug.

Why do we spring clean?

“Whilst regular cleans are crucial for a hygienic and clutter-free home, people love to carry out a deep clean every now and then to reach the spots that are perhaps less visible to the naked eye or to guests, such as hidden corners, cupboards, and fridges/freezers,” says Watts.

And there is more to cleaning than gaining a spotless home. “Carrying out a deep clean not only cleanses the house, but also your mind, as it has proven positive psychological effects, uplifting your mood and ‘decluttering’ your mind’.

“This may happen a few times a year, but Spring is a popular time to deep clean as March through to May is the peak allergen season, and so it’s even more important to ensure your home is bacteria and allergy-free during this period,” he adds.

How to approach spring cleaning

Deep cleaning is time-consuming, which is why Watts says many of us put off a big clean-up. However, the best approach is to break it down into tasks. So, here we’re going to concentrate on the kitchen — the most hardworking room in a home.

1. Clean out your drawers and cabinets

Woman holding two forks above an open cutlery drawer
Woman holding two forks above an open cutlery drawer

Whether you live alone or have a house full of people, Watts says it’s easy for your drawers and cabinets to become cluttered. Spring is the perfect excuse for clearing and sort out the unorganized chaos.

“If you come across items that you forgot existed and have no use to you, don’t be afraid to give them to charity,” suggests Watts. Declutter your kitchen like a minimalist, and enjoy the freedom of only keeping the items you use.

Then, wipe down the drawers and cabinets while giving the crockery a spritz too. You can also make your own DIY cleaning products out of everyday household items, so while you’re giving your kitchen cupboards a clean, take a look inside and see what you can find. White vinegar, baking soda, and lemons are some of the key ingredients.

White vinegar can help remove any cloudy stains from glass. Watts explains, “All you need to do is soak the glassware in white vinegar for a few minutes, then rinse and dry.”

2. Organize your pantry

Pantry with jars and containers of food labeled
Pantry with jars and containers of food labeled

Pantries are a fantastic addition to the kitchen, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, then keeping it organized will make it even more user friendly throughout the year. So, to help you create order rather than chaos, here are 9 things that organized people keep in their kitchen.

If your pantry hasn’t had a deep clean in a while, take everything out and clean the contents, wiping down all the shelving and exterior. And don’t forget to check the expiration date on food items. Throw out anything that is past its best and bring anything that needs consuming within view.

Watts says that organization doesn’t have to be complex, adding, “Invest in some jars and organizers for your pantry, you can place things in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find things and avoid the pantry getting unorganized and cluttered in the future.”

3. Deep clean your oven and stove

Stove on island and two wall ovens
Stove on island and two wall ovens

Cleaning your oven and stove is a task that many avoid due to the time it can take, but it’s worth the work. So hold back the grumbles and get cleaning.

Although many off-the-shelf oven cleaners exist, you can make your own DIY cleaner. Watts suggests combining one cup of water with one cup of vinegar and a few drops of lemon oil. The mixture will help degrease your oven and will have it sparkling in no time. Here's out guide on how to deep-clean your oven.

However, if you do opt for a standard oven cleaner, Watts advises, “To save time, cover your oven in the oven cleaner of your choice and leave it to sit for a few hours. This allows the product to dissolve the grime and build-up, and will be much quicker to wipe or scrub off at the end.”

4. Give your worktops and appliances some TLC

Sleek grey kitchen cabinetry with a white countertop
Sleek grey kitchen cabinetry with a white countertop

So much gets spilled on worktops that it can be hard to keep them looking pristine. And the appliances that sit on them also come in for a hard time. Your annual spring clean is a great time to give your worktops and small kitchen appliances a blitz.

Remove any stains on your worktops by scrubbing gently with a cream cleaner or mixing a paste of baking soda and water. Watts advises using a nylon bristle brush on textured surfaces.

In the U.K. we all love a cuppa, and if you live in a hard water area, your kettle is going to come in for a battering, with a build-up of limescale over time. However, Watts says it’s easy and cheap to remove, and recommends, “Fill with both water and white vinegar in equal measures. Boil the kettle and then leave it to cool. Afterwards, rinse the kettle several times before finally boiling it once more to remove any odors from the vinegar.”

5. Freshen up your fridge

Open door to an empty fridge in a contemporary kitchen
Open door to an empty fridge in a contemporary kitchen

Another task often avoided is giving your fridge and freezer a deep clean. By taking all the contents out of your fridge and wiping down your shelves, you’re giving your fridge a refresh, making it a hygienic and clean space for your food.

To keep your fridge smelling fresh, Watts suggests cleaning it with a mix of baking soda and hot water, which will help remove tough stains too. “A time-effective tip is to complete this cleaning task before your weekly shop, so there’s less content to empty and refill,” he adds.

6. Scrub your sink and dishwasher

Contemporary stainless steel sink with a backdrop of herringbone style tiles
Contemporary stainless steel sink with a backdrop of herringbone style tiles

There’s nothing like a stinky drain to turn your nose up when you walk into a kitchen. Drains see a lot of waste day-to-day, and therefore, you must keep them clean to avoid any smells or blockages.

If your drain becomes blocked, it can be unclogged naturally. Plumbcare suggests mixing 2 parts baking soda with 1 part salt and pouring it down the drain. Then, warm 4 parts vinegar and pour it on top. It will start to bubble and fizz, but leave it to work for 15 minutes before flushing it through with hot water.

Apart from drains, Watts says that dishcloths and washing-up sponges can start to smell or become damaged with overuse, and will need to be sorted out to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Sinks can also become marked, but how they are cleaned will depend on their material, so do take care not to cause any damage. However, Watts has a tip for cleaning a stainless steel sink. “Use flour and buff away — it will make your sink look sparkling clean!”

7. Give your kitchen one last blast

Someone mopping a tiled floor with a flat mop and yellow bucket
Someone mopping a tiled floor with a flat mop and yellow bucket

Once all your target spaces have been spring cleaned, Watts says you can concentrate on the final elements, such as cleaning your bins and giving your floors a thorough mop.

Then, when your bins are clean and air dry, you can prevent any new smells by adding an odor-absorbing material to your garbage. Coffee beans, cat litter or baking soda, all help to absorb smells and can be placed in your bins to keep your kitchen smelling spring fresh.

The final task is to mop the floor. To make your life easier and reduce the amount of cleaning tools in your home, you could double-up and invest in the new Dyson V15 Detect Submarine Wet and Dry Vacuum ($947 @ Amazon) that Cynthia Lawrence from Tom’s Guide put to the test.

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