7 ways to guarantee a New Year kiss

7 ways to guarantee a New Year kiss

Talk to everyone

When you arrive at your party of choice your first goal is to talk to everyone you can. That’s right, everyone; even people you’re not interested in kissing. You’re not going to meet somebody to kiss if you sit in the corner the whole time looking awkward, and a bit of friendly party chit-chat is the perfect way to break the ice with anybody you have your eye on. As well as meeting as many people as possible, this will make you appear friendly and approachable to any prospective smooch-partners, which can only be a good thing.

Don’t get too drunk

When drank in moderation alcohol is a great way of loosening yourself up socially, and can provide that extra bit of confidence you need to make your move. Please note; the keyword in the previous sentence is moderation. Someone who looks dishevelled and has the distinct taste of vomit on their lips is not an ideal kissing buddy, no matter how good looking they are. You can combat the effects of alcohol by drinking as much water as possible throughout the night, as well as eating sensibly in the day leading up to the party.

Be confident

Confidence is key when it comes to finding somebody to kiss at midnight. Do your best to display positive and confident body language signals when you’re talking to people, such as standing up straight, maintaining eye contact, and nodding in agreement. If you aren’t feeling confident about finding a kiss, remember that plenty of people at the party will be in the same situation as you. In fact, a survey by Match.com found that 59 per cent of single people would prefer a New Year’s kiss than a new laptop, which should boost your chances considerably.

Pick your party

The New Year party you choose to go to can be a huge deciding factor in whether or not you score a midnight kiss. If lip locking is your goal it’s usually best to avoid New Year bashes at nightclubs, as you’ll have to battle through hordes of people and scream over the music to even speak to somebody you want to kiss. Likewise, a quiet night in with your shy friends probably isn’t going to lead anywhere interesting. Try to find a healthy balance by attending a party at a friend’s house where you know there will be a good range of people and a decent atmosphere.

Fresh breath

Nobody wants to kiss someone with bad breath, and you’ll be kicking yourself if that’s all that stops you getting your midnight smooch. Before you even begin speaking to people at the party, make sure your breath is as fresh as can be. If it isn’t, you need to change that. Frequently brushing your teeth and using mouthwash is a good way of keeping your breath fresh in the long term. However, if you’re after more of a speedy “oh my God they’re about to kiss me and I stink” kind of solution, you could consider a strong mint or some natural peppermint gum.

Act early

Want to know the ultimate way to guarantee yourself a midnight kiss? Don’t wait until midnight. That’s right – a proactive kisser is a happy kisser, and if you’ve already got the awkwardness of the first kiss out of the way earlier in the night then you’ve pretty much sealed the deal for the main event. If you seem to be getting on well with someone simply look them in the eyes, pull them close, and go for the kiss. The use of cheesy lines such as “you’re just too beautiful to wait until midnight” should be dependant on their level of drunkenness.

Don’t be picky

We all want to kiss our Prince Charming or seduce a super model on New Year’s Eve, but sadly that’s not likely to happen for most us. If you really want to bag yourself a kiss you’re going to have to stop looking for a 10/10 – that isn’t realistic, and isn’t going to end well. Kissing someone at midnight isn’t a lifetime commitment, so just enjoy the moment while it lasts. Besides, beauty isn’t only skin deep, and if you’re shallow about who you kiss you might find yourself having a miserable New Year. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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