70-year-old UP Woman Gets Life Imprisonment for Killing Man Who Tried to Rape Her Daughter

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In more than a decade old case, a Bulandshahr court sentenced a 70-year-old woman to life imprisonment for murdering a man who attempted to rape her daughter, and fined her Rs 25,000.

She has also been fined Rs 25,000. Giving the order on October 14, ADJ First Rajeshwar Shukla said that there was “no need of attacking with axe to stop the rape”, which could have been prevented by “simple resistance also”.

The court held the killing as a case of “honour killing and planned murder”.

After the verdict, the Assistant District Administrative Advocate (Criminal), Manuraj Bahadur, said that on August 1, 2010, the woman had lodged a complaint that a youth named Praveen forcibly entered their house and tried to rape her daughter.

“Her daughter screamed and she resisted the attempt but the youth did not stop. After this, Kasturi Devi said that she attacked the youth with an axe and the youth fell on the ground and died. Then, she dragged the body and threw it outside under a tree,” he said.

Praveen’s aunt had lodged an FIR with the police on August 2 where she said that the deceased had gone for a walk after his meal on the August 1 evening. “He was in love with this girl but her mother did not like it. For this reason, Devi killed Praveen,” she had complained.

The police had started an investigation on the basis of the complaint and lodged a case of murder against Devi and filed a charge sheet against her in court.

After 11 years, the court found that the youth was attacked five times with the axe that caused his death. This was revealed in the post mortem report. The court said that at the time of the crime, the woman was 59-year-old and could have stopped this attempt of rape by “applying little bit of force of resistance, but she did not do that”.

Her throwing the body outside the house, showed that it was a planned murder, the court said.

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