76-year-old man given 1-week detention for violence against wife who refused to have sex with him

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Singapore State Courts (AFP Photo/Mohd Fyrol)
Singapore State Courts (AFP Photo/Mohd Fyrol)

When his wife refused to have sex with him, the 76-year-old man pushed her to the ground. It wasn’t the first time that Ang Boon Tiong had been violent towards his 67-year-old wife.

The elderly man had a personal protection order (PPO) taken out against him by his wife, Gan Choon Har, on 27 May 2010.

On Wednesday (25 May), Ang was sentenced to a week’s short detention order and subjected to a daily reporting order for a year. He was also placed on electronic monitoring and ordered to go for counselling.

He had pleaded guilty to one count of breaching a PPO by using violence against Gan and one count of voluntarily causing hurt to her. Two charges of a similar nature were taken into consideration for his sentencing.

On 10 November 2015, Ang brought home some items he found and placed them near the door. Gan asked Ang to shift the items but he refused. Gan shifted the items causing Ang to start arguing with her.

During the argument, Ang grabbed and twisted Gan’s left wrist, causing her pain. Gan shouted at Ang to let her go and he complied.

At about 4pm that day, Ang entered the bedroom and asked Gan to have sex with him. However, Gan refused and asked him to leave. Angered, Ang fought with Gan and pushed her to the ground. He left home afterwards.

Gan sought medical treatment at a polyclinic and was found with bruises over her limbs. She made a police report the next day.

In another incident two years later, Ang also used force on Gan after she threw away a toy that he found at a void deck.

The incident occurred on 3 February 2017 after Ang placed the toy in the living room before going to the toilet. After he found the toy missing, he began arguing with Gan. He then picked up a massage chair and slammed it down in front of her.

He then pushed a roller chair towards her. Gan went the window to call for help but Ang pulled her back violently, causing her to fall to the floor. He threatened to throw her phone away if she were to call the police.

Gan visited a polyclinic and was found with bruises on her back and leg. She lodged a police report on the same day.

After the 2017 incident, the couple were still living together but they continued to have confrontations. Ang would typically challenge Gan to call the police, saying the police “would not do anything to him due to his old age”, according to the prosecution.

The prosecution sought one to two weeks’ jail for Ang, whom it described as a recalcitrant offender. It is considering appealing against Ang’s sentence.

Ang is out on a $15,000 bail pending the appeal.

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