8 best gaming headsets: Enhanced audio for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo and PC

Hannah Twiggs
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Enjoy advanced microphone technology, surround sound and long battery life  (The Independent)
Enjoy advanced microphone technology, surround sound and long battery life (The Independent)

Whether you’re a hardcore, professional gamer or a relative noob, at some point you’re going to think about sound quality – not just for your own enjoyment of the game you’re playing, but for your teammates and the people that you live with that have to listen to the background music, explosions and, possibly, yelling.

Gaming headsets, which combine headphones and a microphone, are the obvious, all-in-one solution. But when choosing which gaming headset is right for you, there are several things to consider. First and foremost is: what kind of gamer are you? Different games have different needs.

Players of first person shooter (FPS) or battle royale games need to know exactly where their enemies are and where the action is coming from. In which case, you will want to look for something with surround sound.

If it’s multiplayer, you’ll want a high quality microphone to communicate clearly with your team... or spurn your enemies. If you’re a solo gamer more attuned to roaming rich, expansive role play game (RPG) worlds, quality atmospheric sounds are going to be more important to you, rather than a mic, and so on.

The next thing to consider is platform. A 3.5mm connection will work across most devices but a USB connection will result in a cleaner, stronger signal and open up a host of other, more in-depth customisations, especially on PC. Different headsets are designed for different devices, so while most are versatile, it’s best to go with the one tailored to your platform.

You’ll want to choose between wired and wireless. There’s little discernible difference in audio quality these days, but the former is usually better value while the latter offers extra flexibility.

Comfort is also key. Whether you’re a professional esports player, video game streamer or you simply spend a good chunk of time gaming, you’ll want something lightweight and comfortable that can be worn for long periods of time. Pay attention to the headband, ear cups, material and weight – build quality should be one of your biggest priorities.

And finally, the sound. Stereo, virtual surround and three-dimensional are terms you’ll hear a lot when it comes to gaming headsets. There are nuances between them and they’re suitable for different types of games and devices, so pick the one that best suits your needs.

Oh and one last thing: make sure it looks damn cool.

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