8 Cartoons from Our Childhood We Never Realized were Intense

Therese Aseoche

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8 Cartoons from Our Childhood

We Never Realized were Intense

By Therese Aseoche

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Cartoons were a huge part of our childhood when internet and gaming consoles have yet to scramble for our attention. We’d keep the television on the entire day to make sure we didn’t miss our favorites , and we’d even   stay up until the late evening to watch shows we never realized weren’t exactly targeted for young audiences. But we loved them anyway because they were cartoons.

Growing up, we now realize all the hard lessons and adult humor that went over our heads back then. Here are just some of our childhood cartoons that were actually either so profound or extremely absurd.

8. Teen Titans

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The “Teen Titans” fandom is still well and alive to this date especially with its less impressive kid-friendly counterpart “Teen Titans Go!” We already got hints of its dark themes, but it’s only now that we’ve surpassed adolescence when we could empathize with the characters. Themes of unrequited love, loneliness, and feelings of inferiority among plenty others were feelings we couldn’t relate to back then, but now we’re creating memes about them.


7. Hey Arnold!

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Our hearts still hold a special place for “Hey Arnold!” because it made us sad and reflective for reasons we didn’t understand. The cartoon wasn’t always as cheerful and laugh-out-loud funny as other cartoons, but with every episode we  connect with its characters as their stories unfolded and their personalities were given depth. And now with a “Hey Arnold!” movie in the works to seal all the unanswered questions about the cartoon, we may finally be given the closure we never realized we needed.


6. As Told By Ginger

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This cartoon was the show for preteen girls on the brink of adolescence. It tackled some pretty hardcore themes like emotional breakups, depression, societal pressures, and death, which were too serious for those born within the 90s. But “As Told By Ginger” gave us a preview of teenage life and how to cope with it with as much grace and intelligence as Ginger did. We just wish we remembered all its lessons while growing up.


5. Invader Zim

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Not a lot are aware of the origin of “Invader Zim”, but it was a cartoon specifically created for Nickelodeon’s older viewers. The plotline was too confusing for any kid to understand, but it was still loved for the inane humor and strangely likeable set of characters. It actually took a lot of effort for “Invader Zim”’s creator Jhonen Vasquez, who is better known for his “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” comic books, to suppress his dark and mature writing style for a children’s show but you can still find hints of it throughout the show.