8 Funniest Bloopers in the NBA

Jon Carlos Rodriguez

8 Funniest Bloopers in the NBA

By Jon Carlos Rodriguez

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A blooper, by definition, is an error committed by someone in public. In the highly-competitive and high-stake world of the NBA, these embarrassing—but definitely entertaining—mistakes come in various forms, including blown lay-ups, bonehead plays, air-balled free throws, and plays involving JaVale McGee.


Back when Shaquille O’Neal can still chase after loose balls, he caused a rare bench-clearing incident involving his teammates and coaching staff. If you saw a 7-foot, 300-pound athlete running towards you, the smart thing to do is get out of the way.



Washington’s Otto Porter is at best a dependable defender who can swipe the ball and reject lay-ups. At worst, he is an absentminded guy who wonders if he left the oven on at home.



Nick Young is the basketball version of the guy who goes out on one date with the pretty girl he likes, then brags to all his friends that the girl is falling in love with him already. He asks her out again, and girl is like, “Sorry, who is this?”



The NBA doesn’t give an award to players who consistently and inevitably get embarrassed on the court, like a Reverse MVP. They should. And they should name the award after poor Brandon Knight, who always finds himself on the receiving end of a wicked anklebreaker or a soul-crushing dunk or, in the video above, a Gatorade bath. He has had chances to redeem himself, but—of course—this happens: