8 killed as gunman opens fire at Russian university

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8 killed as gunman opens fire at Russian university
8 killed as gunman opens fire at Russian university

20 Sep 2021: 8 killed as gunman opens fire at Russian university

At least eight people have reportedly been killed as a shooter opened fire at the Perm State University (PSU) in Russia's Perm Krai region Monday morning. The assailant, who has since been detained, is said to be a student at the university. Several others were injured in the attack, during which, students were seen jumping out of classroom windows. Here are more details.

Details: Assailant started shooting at around 11 am

The incident reportedly occurred at 11 am (local time) at PSU, located roughly 1,300 kilometers from Moscow. According to officials, the assailant walked onto the campus and started shooting. Panicked students and teachers decided to barricade themselves inside the building as the shooter went on a rampage. Visuals from the scene showed students trapped inside classrooms, jumping out of windows to flee the shooter.

Fact: 8 killed; several others injured, say officials

Officials said that at least eight people have been killed in the shooting, while several others have suffered injuries. Earlier, officials had confirmed that five people had been killed, while six had been injured.

Fact: Watch: Students attempt to flee shooter

Attacker: Attacker sustained injuries while being detained

Russia's official Investigations Committee, which investigates major crimes, said that the attacker has been detained. He sustained injuries in the process. Other visuals filmed during the attack showed an individual dressed in black, donning a helmet, and armed with a weapon. According to unconfirmed reports, the shooter—identified as an 18-year-old student at the university—had also posted his intentions on social media before the attack.

Other incidents: Second shooting at educational facility this year

Monday's mass shooting is the second such incident at an education facility in Russia this year. The country notably has fewer school shootings owing to tight security and difficulty in the purchase of firearms. The last such attack took place in May 2021, when a 19-year-old fired shots at his old school in Kazan city. Nine people were killed in the attack.

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