8 Kinds of People Who Ruin Our Vacation

Meg Santibáñez

8 Kinds of People

Who Ruin Our Vacation

By Meg Santibanez

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You’re all set to have your dream vacation with your family or friends. Everything is set and your body and mind are prepared to relax. But along comes the ruiner; you don’t want to take it against them personally, but you have prepared long and hard for this glorious moment for it to turn into a living nightmare by these party-poopers. Here are the kinds of people who will ruin your vacation:

8. Pessimistic Pest

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There’s a certain charm, even romantic at times, when you get lost in a city; but not for this person. “Oh man, we are going to get beat up.” “You should have turned left there.” You should have. And left him/her there.


7. The Tinder

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The first thing this person will do once you land at the airport is start scouring possible matches in Tinder. Chances are that this person will try to bring strangers in your hotel room. Make sure they understand when you say no, it means no.


6. The All Day Alcoholic

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This is the kind of person who will want to get drunk every single day during a vacation. It’s totally fine to do this, but there a huge possibility that you’ll have to take care of this person when they get super drunk. Hassle.


5. The Slowpokes

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Being part of a tour makes it easier for you to discover the tourist spots around a country, but this also means that chances are high  you’ll be with a bunch of other tourists who are slowpokes. And you really can’t do anything about it because your tourist guide will wait for them no matter what happens.